How do you find the new theme guys :) ?

let us know 🙂

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I never could see the date on the left with the old design. It was cropped on the phone.
I really don’t like the background pictures. They are disturbing my surfing experience. Now the website it slower. Just my 5 cent.


Is it just me that’s having this problem ? I can’t highlight the linkshrink link. I’m using the latest version of Firefox. I can highlight and copy the text before the link, but not the link underneath. When I saw that I couldn’t highlight the link I opened Chrome and copied it from there and it worked fine. Anyone else has this problem ?


yesss… it works now. Thanks a lot.


It is the style set by the theme. You can select text but it is not obvious that it was selected due to the colors used.
I have overridden it so it should now look more normal.


Why don’t you redesign the site so we see more movies at once
like showing it as thumbnails..

This would be better than this thor / batman theme which is getting dull pretty quick..


Thor theme is awesome, TDK not so much.


both themes become dull after a while..

I am already bored of this thor theme..

Personally I like a theme that is not tied to any characters or anything..just some patterns or even the old white theme was good..


The link attached to the Uploaded banner on the right side doesn’t work, scOrp, at least not for me. The rapidgator link works fine though.


I have been trying to fix it but no luck

For some reason, Worpress doesnt like links that start with U so and wont show up and I cant figure out why!!
I added a link as well without a picture.
I suggest copying the link and removing the www. from it. Even with the www. it forwards but maybe something happens and the reference is lost.


Sounds good…. but that requires a widget, if it is not already available within the current theme.

BTW, I have increased the Recent Posts to 20 (from 10) and made some style adjustments (less space between entries + highlight alternative posts to make them more distinguishable). I keep on making small adjustments here and there (ie in the title which is now more compact etc)


you described exactly the behavior I observed but couldn’t quite explain. I’ll try the suggest way next time.


thanks for trying to fix it. 🙂


i like the older layout.. 🙁


Love it, so clean and easier to read


thanks for keeping your standards.


It’s a fresh one… Same wallie with my email *lol
I agree with the new releases, you should add more posts…
Thanks and keep up the good work~


I think it’s great. A fresh one 😉


loving the new theme

about time and keep it up


sorry for double post. i thought my comment was not visible!


hi scorp

loving the new theme. about time as some would say. Keep it up


Not good. Please change back to old design.


The new theme is brilliant, not that i didn’t like the old one it was classic too. Keep up the good work you folks. Cheers !


No, Old one was Cleaner and Faster


It is worse. The old one was much more convenient.


Its amazing dude…Love u scorp 😉


This is much much better, especially for mobile – thanks.

Alvin Teo

the recent post should contain more items so we do not need to browse down to see what havent been downloaded. at least 20 items.

fonts can appear smaller too on the right panel


I like the old better. There have to be a place on right top side with your newest 10 releases, so I can know what to watch next 🙂