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EDIT : ( edited by scOrp ) This chatroom Topic is for sharing views and opinions , queries , reviews and stuff . All are requested to kindly refrain from quoting needless sites , other forums and stuff. Lets keep it clean , healthy and devoted 🙂


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  1. nayan says:

    2012 (2009) – m1080p – x264

  2. ERO says:

    TV News ….

    ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ Cancelled
    ‘The Voice’ Returning For Season 17
    Amazon Cancels ‘The Tick’
    USA Network Reviving ‘The Biggest Loser’
    ‘You Me Her’ Ending With Season 5
    ‘Survivor’ Renewed For Season 39
    ‘The Amazing Race’ Renewed For Season 32
    TBS Renews ‘Miracle Workers’
    ‘The Last O.G.’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Madam Secretary’ Ending After Season 6
    ‘She-Ra And The Princess Of Power’ Returning For Season 3
    ‘The Bold Type’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘Siren’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘America’s Got Talent’ Renewed For 2020
    ’24 Hours To Hell And Back’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘American Idol’ Renewed For Season 18
    ‘The Masked Singer’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Empire’ To End After Season 6
    ABC Cancels ‘Whiskey Cavalier’
    ‘This Is Us’ Renewed Through Season 6
    ‘World Of Dance’ Renewed For Season 4
    ABC Renews ‘Schooled’
    ‘The Goldbergs’ Renewed For Season 7
    ‘The Orville’ Renewed For Season 3
    Fox Cancels ‘Proven Innocent’
    CBS Cancels ‘Fam’
    ‘The Bachelor’ Renewed For Season 24
    CBS Cancels ‘Life In Pieces’
    ‘Station 19’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Blindspot’ Renewed For Final Fifth Season
    ABC Renews ‘Single Parents’
    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Renewed For Two More Seasons
    ABC Renews ‘Bless This Mess’
    ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Renewed For Season 6
    ‘Man With A Plan’ Renewed For Season 4
    ABC Cancels ‘Splitting Up Together’
    ‘Speechless’ Cancelled By ABC
    Fox Cancels ‘The Cool Kids’
    ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Renewed For Season 6
    ABC Renews ‘The Rookie’
    ABC Cancels ‘The Kids Are Alright’
    ABC Cancels ‘The Fix’
    Fox Cancels ‘The Passage’
    Fox Cancels ‘Lethal Weapon’
    CBS Cancels ‘Murphy Brown’
    Fox Cancels ‘Star’ After 3 Seasons
    TBS Cancels ‘Angie Tribeca’
    ABC Cancels ‘For The People’
    ‘SEAL’ Team Renewed For Season 3
    ‘S.W.A.T.’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Bull’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘Hawaii Five-0’ Renewed For Season 10
    ‘Madam Secretary’ Renewed For Season 6
    ‘MacGyver’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘Power’ To End After Season 6
    ‘Billions’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ To Return To NBC
    FX Renews ‘What We Do In The Shadows’

  3. david says:

    hey scorp
    are u plan for The Lego Movie 2 The Second Part 2019 and Happy Death Day 2U 2019 ?

  4. ERO says:

    TV News ….

    ‘Cobra Kai’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Black-ish’ Renewed For Season 6
    Hulu Renews ‘Ramy’
    Hulu Renews ‘PEN15’
    ‘Empire’ Renewed For Season 6
    ‘The Chi’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘On My Block’ Renewed For Season 3
    Showtime Renews ‘Black Monday’
    ‘The Twilight Zone’ Renewed By CBS All Access
    ‘Those Who Can’t’ Cancelled By truTV
    Netflix Cancels ‘Santa Clarita Diet’
    ‘Wahlburgers’ To End After Season 10
    ‘The 100’ Renewed For Season 7
    The CW Renews ‘Roswell, New Mexico’
    The CW Renews ‘In The Dark’
    The CW Renews ‘All American’
    ‘Andi Mack’ Ending After Season 3
    Cinemax Renews ‘Warrior’
    ‘The Good Fight’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘Nailed It!’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Renewed For Season 11
    ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Renewed For Season 6
    ‘Last Man Standing’ Renewed For Season 8
    Fox Cancels ‘Rel’
    Fox Cancels ‘The Gifted’
    NBC Renews ‘Manifest’
    Hulu Renews ‘Shrill’
    ‘When Calls The Heart’ Renewed For Season 7
    ‘Good Girls’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Blue Bloods’ Renewed For Season 10
    Amazon Renews ‘Hanna’
    ‘NCIS’ Renewed For Season 17
    ‘Match Game’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘Barry’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Future Man’ Renewed For Final Third Season
    ‘Preacher’ Ending With Season 4
    ‘Documentary Now!’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘Killing Eve’ Renewed For Season 3
    Netflix Renews ‘After Life’
    USA Network Renews ‘Miz & Mrs.’
    Netflix Renews ‘The Umbrella Academy’
    ‘I Am Jazz’ Renewed For Season 6
    Epix Cancels ‘Berlin Station’
    Law & Order: SVU’ Renewed For Season 21
    Netflix Renews ‘The Order’
    ‘Supernanny’ Revived By Lifetime
    ‘Better Things’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘The Resident’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘9-1-1’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Marvel’s Runaways’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Supernatural’ To End After Season 15
    ABC Renews ‘The Conners’
    ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Renewed For Sixth and Final Season
    ‘High Maintenance’ Renewed For Season 4

  5. david says:

    hi scorp
    How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World scene was out
    are u do it?

  6. Gor says:

    Scorp, just purchased a $49.99 package from rapidgator with a new acc.
    Email is gor***eo @ hotmail.

    Do check and let me know if you’ve received it!
    Thanks for all your uploads. Been a loyal customer for >4 years since wbb

    • scOrp says:

      Thanks mate 🙂 nothing as yet , lets wait for 24hrs .
      again many thanks for the consideration 🙂
      take care

    • scOrp says:

      no mate nothing came my way , hope you had used the referral link in the sidebar.
      but then these file hosts tend to omit many sales.;)

      • Gor says:

        Really? Imma go check with RG again and ask them why it didn’t go your way. I bought the premium solely to support you and your work at 300mbunited dude! Maybe you can try talking to thier support as well. Seems really unfair isn’t it.

        • scOrp says:

          what can i say man , you intimated hence i got to know , but they gulp the commission very frequently.
          I have tried raising a complaint they reply with a standard text , there were no valid transactions 🙁
          still i ll drop a message

        • scOrp says:

          contacted again and they replied that your account was not purchased using the referral link 🙁

          • parsleybrain says:

            My rapidgator profil shows a referral link right in the account information box. Even so I used your referral link when I purchased the account the shown number does not correlate with the number shown in your link. Does the number in the link change?

          • scOrp says:

            that referral link is yours , not the mine

            To help us you should always click our link and buy an account using that.

          • parsleybrain says:

            >>that referral link is yours , not the mine.
            To help us you should always click our link and buy an account using that.<<

            I'm always doing that for years now. I mean using your referral link when I buy a new account.

          • scOrp says:

            Appreciate the help and support mate.
            Take care

  7. david says:

    hi scorp
    i know u are busy
    but i want know u do Shoplifters 2018 Japanese?

  8. Gweilo says:

    PS — Sorry, I see that you are still doing some x264. Though some like “Name of the Rose” are only x265. Maybe you could put x264 in the titles of those which are that to make it clearer.

    • Jim King says:

      The x264 and x265 are mentioned in the titles, toward the end of the titles. I’ve missed it a few times myself when I see a release I’ve been waiting for. 😉

      • scOrp says:

        actually all the rips are x264 unless mentioned otherwise in the title .
        whenever its x265 , i mention it in the title , but dont generally mention x264

  9. Gweilo says:

    Haven’t checked the site recently, but now it looks like you only do x265. Incompatible with my media player. I’m sure you have your reasons, maybe in a few years I’ll get a new player and hope you are still around.

  10. ERO says:

    TV News ….

    ‘American Gods’ Renewed For Season 3
    Netflix Cancels ‘One Day At A Time’
    ‘The Bachelorette’ Returning For Season 15
    ‘The Blacklist’ Renewed For Season 7
    ‘BattleBots’ Renewed By Discovery And Science Channels
    Showtime Cancels ‘SMILF’
    HBO Cancels ‘Crashing’
    ‘Arrow’ To End With Season 8
    ‘The Sinner’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Superstore’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘No Activity’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Renewed For Season 7
    ‘Strike Back’ Renewed For 7th And Final Season
    Fox Cancels ‘Love Connection’
    ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Renewed Through Season 20
    ‘Chicago Med’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘Chicago PD’ Renewed For Season 7
    ‘Chicago Fire’ Renewed For Season 8
    USA Network Renews ‘Temptation Island’

  11. AndrewGaw1 says:

    Hello there 🙂
    Anybody home?

  12. david says:

    hi scOrp
    are u did (or doing) Stan and Ollie 2018 ?

  13. AS says:

    Hey sc0rp. Long time lurker here.
    Have you considered accepting donations with crypto currency ?
    Monero is a safe bet, its also the main currency used on the darknet. As such, it would be safe for sure.
    I would be so inclined to donate Monero if you can accept ? It should at least be worth considering over the Uploaded or Rapidgator nuisances.

  14. HappyGuy says:

    Hi, I was wondering if I can ask a huge favour please?
    Is there anyway to split the movies that are over 1gig, because a person cant do FREE downloads on upload and rapidgator if the files are larger than a gig, I know you will tell me to buy an account, but I am from Africa, internet is expensive here and our salaries are low.
    Just to let you know a 10mb line with unlimited data is 50 euros a month. I cant still afford an upload or rapidgator account.
    Scorp I been following your site since 2010

  15. bash says:

    guyz i need an american phone number to redeem microsoft rewards can anyone plz share the number with me. all u would have to do would be to send the received code to my number or my email. is anyone willing? i dont have any relation in america so i dont have a number there but i need it

  16. ERO says:

    TV News ….

    ‘Young Sheldon’ Renewed For Seasons 3 & 4
    Netflix Renews ‘Haunting Of Hill House’
    Syfy Cancels ‘Nightflyers’
    ‘The Man In The High Castle’ To End With Season 4
    Netflix Cancels ‘Friends From College’
    Netflix Cancels ‘The Punisher’
    Netflix Cancels ‘Jessica Jones’
    ‘Alexa & Katie’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Wrecked’ Cancelled At TBS
    ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Renewed For Season 8
    ‘Catastrophe’ Ending After Season 4
    ‘Jack Ryan’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Renewed For Season 10
    ‘Family Guy’ Renewed For Season 18
    ‘Last Call With Carson Daly’ Ending This Year
    History Renews ‘Project Blue Book’
    Comedy Central Renews ‘The Other Two’
    Starz Cancels ‘Counterpart’
    ‘Chesapeake Shores’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘The Son’ To End After Season 2
    ‘Riverdale’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘Arrow’ Renewed For Season 8
    The CW Renews ‘Legacies’
    The CW Renews ‘Charmed’
    ‘Supernatural’ Renewed For Season 15
    ‘Dynasty’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘The Flash’ Renewed For Season 6
    ‘Black Lightning’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Supergirl’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘Shameless’ Renewed For Season 10
    ‘Fuller House’ Renewed For Final Fifth Season
    Fox Renews ‘The Masked Singer’
    CBS Renews ‘God Friended Me’
    ‘Stan Against Evil’ Cancelled By IFC
    CBS Renews ‘Magnum P.I.’
    CBS Renews ‘FBI’ For Season 2
    CBS Renews ‘The Neighborhood’
    ‘Ride With Norman Reedus’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘F Is For Family’ Renewed For Season 4

  17. Cirilo Perez says:

    Was the site down for a few days recently. Tried to reach it and another site came up.

  18. david says:

    hey scOrp
    are u plan for Beautiful Boy (2018) ? AMIABLE was out..

  19. Jack says:

    Hey scOry, will you upload Once upon a Deadpool ??

  20. ERO says:

    John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019 Movie) Official Trailer – Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry

  21. kalajengking says:

    Hi, Scorp, do you by any chance will realease “Bird Box’?

  22. ERO says:

    TV News ….

    Syfy Cancels ‘Z Nation’
    ‘Marlon’ Cancelled By NBC
    NBC Cancels ‘Midnight, Texas’
    ‘Ray Donovan’ Renewed For Season 7
    OWN Cancels ‘Love Is _’
    ‘Van Helsing’ Renewed For Season 4
    Netflix Renews ‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’
    ‘Elementary’ Ending After Season 7
    ‘Tell Me A Story’ Renewed By CBS All Access

  23. Jack says:

    Hey scorp, Johnny English Reborn Blu-ray has been released
    Is it a genuine print or a P2P release??

  24. ERO says:

    TV News ….

    ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Match Game’ Returning For Season 4
    ‘One Dollar’ Cancelled At CBS All Access
    Comedy Central Cancels ‘Detroiters’
    ‘Get Shorty’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Goliath’ Renewed For Season 3
    BET Cancels ‘Hit The Floor’
    HBO Renews ‘My Brilliant Friend’
    ‘Loudermilk’ Renewed For Season 3
    Netflix Renews ‘Narcos: Mexico’
    ‘The Good Place’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘You’ Moving To Netflix For Season 2
    ‘Another Period’ Cancelled At Comedy Central
    ‘Preacher’ Renewed For Season 4

  25. ERO says:

    Counterpart returns for Season 2 on Sunday, Dec. 9 on Starz.

    The Blacklist season 6 will return with a two-part premiere on Thursday, Jan. 3 and Friday, Jan. 4.

    Also ….
    True Detective (HBO) season 3 Jan 13
    Star Trek: Discovery (CBS) season 2 Jan 17
    The Magicians (Syfy) season 4 Jan 23

  26. Jack says:

    Hey scorp, Venom Blu-ray has been released..! Is that supposed to be a genuine print or a P2P release?!??

  27. bash says:

    hi scorp
    i ahve a request to make here. i know u dont do dramas except the 1 but this one is new and on the same channel HBO but this is pure drama with great story and acting from young actors. i just loved it from the moment i watched it and i had no clue what i was watching at that time.
    the show is called MY Brilliant Friend, its in italian but its absolutely wonderful. only 6 episodes in out of 8 and already renewed for season 2. Maybe ERO will back me up on this!

    waiting for ur reply

    • scOrp says:

      A Tv show , that too in Italian 😛
      i can but there is no point really , no one is gonna download a tv show from drama genre that too in foreign language
      no point using up bandwidth really 🙁
      sorry to disappoint mate 🙁
      if it was a movie i would have done for you, coz that would have meant just 1 file

      • bash says:

        no problem mate i can download from some other source but hey atleast i told u about a good show!

        • scOrp says:

          many thanks mate , but TBH i have stopped watching TV shows completely , in fact not watching anything at all these days.
          concentrating on health and a following a set routine these days .
          watching one movie a month at the cinemas though instead for 6 before April 🙂

  28. ERO says:

    TV News ….

    ‘Daredevil’ Cancelled By Netflix
    ‘Happy Together’ Ending After 13 Episodes
    ABC Cancels ‘Take Two’
    ‘Teachers’ Ending With Season 3
    CBS Cancels ‘Salvation’
    ‘Mr. Mercedes’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Big Mouth’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Renewed For Season 7
    ‘Bunk’d’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘Bosch’ Renewed For Season 6
    Netflix Cancels ‘The Good Cop’

  29. david says:

    hi scOrp any plan for Searching 2018?

  30. Anandha says:

    Mission Impossible has been released..! I think thats supposed to be a scene release. Ain’t it ??

  31. bash says:

    Penny dreadful follow up series! more please

    MI: fallout bluray is out scorp! waiting for ur version!

    • scOrp says:

      i dont think the MI F BR is out yet.
      will do when it hits the SCENE

    • ERO says:

      Penny dreadful wasn’t renewed (cancelled) so there wont be nay season 4. Season 3 ended in 2016.

      As scorp said, MI: fallout scene isn’t out yet but it should come out soon.

      • scOrp says:

        I just checked and therz gonna be a REBOOT
        Penny Dreadful : City Of Angels

        Penny Dreadful: City of Angels will move the action from Victorian London to Los Angeles in 1938. The setting is steeped in Mexican-American folklore and social tension. The story will follow an all-new cast of characters, some of whom are connected to the deity Santa Muerte and others allied with the Devil, as they beef over whose god is the baddest.

  32. ERO says:

    TV News ….

    ‘I Feel Bad’ To End After 13 Episodes
    ‘Legacies’ Receives A Small Top Up
    The CW Tops Up ‘All American’
    ‘Charmed’ Topped Up To Full Season
    ‘Splitting Up Together’ Adds Episodes To Season 2
    ‘The Kids Are Alright’ Picked Up For Full Season
    ABC Pulls ‘The Alec Baldwin Show’ From Schedule
    ‘The Purge’ Renewed By USA Network
    NBC Cancels ‘Reverie’
    TNT Cancels ‘Good Behavior’
    ABC Gives ‘The Rookie’ A Full Season
    ‘Divorce’ Renewed For Season 3
    Freeform Cancels ‘Alone Together’
    ‘Penny Dreadful’ Follow-Up Series Ordered
    ‘The Ranch’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘Castlevania’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Renewed For Season 7
    ‘BoJack Horseman’ Renewed For Season 6
    Netflix Renews ‘Paradise PD’
    CBS All Access Renews ‘Strange Angel’
    ‘The Conners’ Adds An Episode
    ABC Tops Up ‘A Million Little Things’
    Netflix Cancels ‘American Vandal’
    ‘Atypical’ Renewed For Season 3
    Netflix Renews ‘Elite’
    Netflix Renews ‘Disenchantment’

  33. ERO says:

    TV News ….

    ‘Luke Cage’ Cancelled At Netflix
    ‘The Neighborhood’ Given Full Season Order
    Full Season Ordered For ‘God Friended Me’
    ‘Magnum P.I.’ Nabs Full Season Order
    Fox Gives ‘The Cool Kids’ A Full Season
    ‘Station 19’ Earns Full Second Season
    Netflix Cancels ‘All About The Washingtons’
    ‘Manifest’ Lands Three More Episodes
    ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Ending With Season 7
    ‘Single Parents’ Picked Up For Full Season
    FX Renews ‘Mr Inbetween’
    Netflix Cancels ‘Iron Fist’

  34. ERO says:

    TV News ….

    CBS Orders Full Season Of ‘FBI’
    Showtime Renews ‘Kidding’
    ‘New Amsterdam’ Picked Up For Full Season
    ‘The Resident’ Earns Full Season 2 Order
    ‘Ozark’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Masters Of Illusion’ Renewed For 2019
    ‘Penn & Teller: Fool Us’ Renewed For Season 6
    The CW Renews ‘The Outpost’
    The CW Renews ‘Burden Of Truth’
    AMC Renews ‘Lodge 49’
    ‘Titans’ Renewed For Season 2
    Cinemax Cancels ‘Outcast’
    FX Renews ‘Mayans M.C.’
    ‘Queen Of The South’ Renewed For Season 4
    Showtime Cancels ‘I’m Dying Up Here’
    ‘Big Brother’ Renewed For Season 21
    ‘Harlots’ Renewed For Season 3
    Hulu Revives ‘Veronica Mars’
    ‘The Deuce’ Renewed For Final Third Season
    AMC Cancels ‘Dietland’
    ‘America’s Got Talent’ Renewed For Season 14
    ‘MasterChef’ Renewed For Season 10
    ‘Greenleaf’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘Snowfall’ Renewed For Season 3
    Amazon Renews ‘Absentia’
    Netflix Renews ‘Insatiable’
    NBC Ups Episode Count For ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’
    ‘Insecure’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘Ballers’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘Designated Survivor’ Revived By Netflix
    Paramount Network Cancels ‘American Woman’
    ‘Mr. Robot’ Ending After Season 4
    ‘Easy’ Renewed For Final Third Season
    ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Ending After 12 Seasons
    Netflix Renews ‘The End Of The F***ing World’
    ‘Beat Shazam’ Renewed For Season 3
    NBC Renews ‘Making It’
    ‘GLOW’ Renewed For Season 3
    Netflix Cancels ‘The Joel McHale Show’
    Netflix Cancels ‘The Break With Michelle Wolf’

  35. david says:

    waiting for Sorry to Bother You ….

  36. Kool says:

    Hi scOrp,
    Did you miss Maze Runner: Death Cure?

  37. ERO says:

    I watched Sharp Objects (2018), 8 part limited series from HBO. It was well-made but a bit slow. I thought the ending wasn’t as good as it could be and apparently it was not the same as the original book.

    In comparison, the low-budget the 8 part season 2 of The Sinner (2018) from USA seems to have more momentum and more interesting story-line.

  38. Ali K says:

    Request: Oleanna (blu-ray released Sep 3)
    Request: Sicario 2

  39. ERO says:

    TV News ….

    Sequel Ordered For ‘The Alienist’
    E! Cancels ‘The Royals’
    History Renews ‘Knightfall’
    ‘Anne With An E’ Renewed For Season 3
    USA Network Cancels ‘Shooter’
    Netflix Renews ‘Fastest Car’
    Hulu Renews ‘Castle Rock’
    ‘Queen Sugar’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘To Tell The Truth’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘The $100,000 Pyramid’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ Renewed For Season 6
    ‘Fargo’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘American Horror Story’ Renewed For Season 10
    Amazon Cancels ‘The Dangerous Book For Boys’
    OWN Renews ‘Love Is _’
    ‘Timeless’ To Return For Two-Part Series Finale
    ‘Chef’s Table’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘Transparent’ To End With Season 5
    ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘Better Call Saul’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘Sneaky Pete’ Renewed For Season 3
    Netflix Renews ‘Altered Carbon’
    ‘You Me Her’ Renewed Through Season 5
    Audience Network Renews ‘Condor’
    ‘Good Witch’ Renewed For Season 5
    Lifetime Renews ‘You’
    ‘The Affair’ Renewed For Final Fifth Season
    Paramount Network Renews ‘Yellowstone’
    ‘The Man In The High Castle’ Renewed For Season 4
    USA Cancels ‘Colony’
    ‘Wynonna Earp’ Renewed For Season 4
    YouTube Renews ‘Impulse’
    Freeform Renews ‘Cloak & Dagger’
    ‘Ransom’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘UnREAL’ Ends After Four Seasons
    Starz Renews ‘Sweetbitter’
    ‘Queer Eye’ Renewed For Season 3
    FX Renews ‘Pose’
    ‘Claws’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Animal Kingdom’ Renewed For Season 4
    NBC Cancels ‘Champions’
    ‘Six’ Cancelled At History
    Fox Cancels ‘Ghosted’
    Fox Renews ’24 Hours To Hell And Back’
    Freeform Cancels ‘Famous In Love’
    AMC Cancels ‘Comic Book Men’
    ‘Roseanne’ Spin-off Confirmed For This Fall
    TV Land Cancels ‘Nobodies’
    NBC Cancels ‘Timeless’ (Again)
    AMC Renews ‘The Terror’
    ‘Dear White People’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Renewed For Season 5
    AMC Pulls ‘Talking With Chris Hardwick’
    Netflix Revives ‘Lucifer’
    ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Renewed For Season 11
    Starz Renews ‘Vida’
    HBO Renews ‘Succession’
    TBS Cancels ‘People Of Earth’
    ‘Atlanta’ Renewed For Season 3
    ’13 Reasons Why’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Younger’ Renewed For Season 6
    Freeform Cancels ‘Shadowhunters’

  40. ERO says:

    The Alienist Is Coming Back With a New Title, but It’s Still the Same Show

    The network announced Thursday it has ordered a new limited series titled Angel of Darkness. It’s based on the novel of the same name, which is the sequel to The Alienist by Caleb Carr. In case you’re confused, yes, that is the book that inspired TNT’s The Alienist series, and yes, the original cast — Daniel Bruhl, Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans — are all returning as their same characters. So basically, this is just a renewal of The Alienist.

    Why then is TNT not just calling this show The Alienist Season 2: Angel of Darkness? It’s likely because The Alienist was billed as a limited series — meaning it was a closed story that was supposed to end after the eight episodes that were originally ordered. It gets even trickier when you consider The Alienist was nominated for two Emmys in the limited series categories (the show received an additional four nominations that are not contingent on categorization), so calling the new episodes a second season might raise quite a few eyebrows as voting is still underway for TV’s highest honor.

    Now, to be fair, before the show even premiered the cast said The Alienist did not have to be a limited series. You also can’t blame TNT for wanting to keep the show on the air; it was 2018’s No. 1 new cable show among adults ages 18-49 (which is what advertisers really, really care about). The issue is that just changing the title of a series doesn’t altogether make it a new or limited series, and we might see some big award show rule changes in light of this new season.

    The Alienist is not the first show to play fast and loose with the definition of “limited series” though. HBOwas brazen enough to give Big Little Lies a second season after the cast and producers dominated the Emmys and Golden Globes. Nicole Kidman’s Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Limited Seriesis why we still can’t say “Emmy Award winner Carrie Coon,” by the way, and we should all still be mad about it. (And yes, we realize that Coon was actually nominated for the third season of Fargo, also a limited series.)

    Meanwhile, Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story has gotten around the limited series definition by using the same cast over and over but had them play different characters in each new iteration. His American Crime Story series also employs his usual stable of producers, but changes story, actors and cast with no connecting tissue. Over on USA, The Sinneris keeping the same title and protagonist for Season 2 but tells a different story using completely new featured players (ironically, Carrie Coon).

    Will The Alienist team be able to promote Angel of Darkness as a limited series just because they say it is, or is the Academy going to step in and stop this madness? Even if it doesn’t, will the perception of this “new series” impact The Alienist quest for Emmy gold?

    UPDATE: The Academy has ruled that the renewal will not affect The Alienist’s placement in this year’s award show, according to Variety.

    “The Awards Committee reviews categorization on an annual basis,” a Television Academy spokesperson told the site Thursday. “Some first-year limited series continue the story line into subsequent seasons and are re-categorized as Drama Series, e.g., Downton Abbey, and others return with a new, stand-alone story, e.g., American Horror Story, which allows them to remain in Limited Series. Dependent upon which direction The Alienist goes, the Awards Committee will categorize it accordingly.”

    The Academy will revisit Angel in Darkness’ categorization before next year’s voting period.

  41. bash says:

    so the next big thing is probably Mektoub my love. the girls in that movie are unfuckingbelievable specially that Ophelie Bau chick is off the charts! the scene with her is absloute must watch for every lively guy

    from the same director who made Blue is the warmest color and i was hoping scorp would post the movie when it becomes available with english subs. already the french bluray is out on some torrent sites but without any english subs.

  42. Mikey says:

    Request: “Top Gun” by Tom Cruise Thank you in advance…

  43. Hondo says:

    The Equalizer 2

  44. Tamara says:

    Request: “Date Night” please

  45. DCM says:

    Hi Scorp,

    I’ve just watched Ant-Man and the wasp at the cinema. It was a great movie and I kind of forgotten the story of the first Ant-Man.

    Would you reupload or have a backup of the first Ant-Man movie so that we can watch back the plot? Thanks a lot!

  46. ERO says:

    Deep State (Fox) (2018) very good 8-part British Spy Thriller
    Totally recommended.

  47. ERO says:

    TV News ….

    ‘Legion’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Imposters’ Cancelled At Bravo
    YouTube Renews ‘Step Up: High Water’
    E! Cancels ‘The Arrangement’
    ABC Cancels ‘Roseanne’
    ‘The Expanse’ Revived By Amazon
    ‘Baskets’ Renewed For Season 4
    CBS Cancels ‘Code Black’
    ABC Cancels ‘The Chew’
    HBO Renews ‘Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas’
    Syfy Renews ‘Krypton’
    Fox Cancels ‘LA To Vegas’
    ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Renewed For Season 3
    USA Network Cancels ‘Falling Water’

  48. ERO says:

    TV News ….

    ‘iZombie’ Ending With Season 5
    ‘Jane The Virgin’ To End After Season 5
    ‘The Last Ship’ To End With Season 5
    Freeform Renews ‘Siren’
    SundanceTV Cancels ‘Hap and Leonard’
    ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Renewed For Season 6
    Netflix Renews ‘Lost In Space’
    ‘Gotham’ Renewed For Final Fifth Season
    ‘Lethal Weapon’ Renewed For Season 3

  49. ERO says:

    TV News ….

    ‘The Blacklist’ Renewed For Season 6
    ‘Elementary’ Renewed For Season 7
    CBS Cancels ‘9JKL’
    CBS Cancels ‘Kevin Can Wait’
    CBS Renews ‘Celebrity Big Brother’
    ‘Criminal Minds’ Renewed For Season 14
    ‘Man With A Plan’ Renewed For Season 3
    CBS Cancels ‘Superior Donuts’
    CBS Renews ‘Instinct’
    ‘Life In Pieces’ Renewed For Season 4
    CBS Cancels ‘Scorpion’
    ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Renewed For Season 9
    ‘Family Guy’ Renewed For Season 17
    NBC Revives ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

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