Guys !! If possible do see if you can buy some uploaded accounts using our link !! Thanks

Take care !!

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Just bought another 6 months using your link. Hope you get your cut.


I am very sorry ScOrp,
I don’t know that is an old upload, I thought You just reupload the files and only the links are missing.
Thanks again for your patience.


I believe those were old releases that were re-uploaded. That is the reason they are in that format.


There are “no split files”

in “Inception 1080”

like You say by yourself in your first post:
“there are split parts in 150MB size as well , which i upload excatly for your kind of scenario,”

Nobody need split files in different sizes, the file must be downloadable, thats the point.

So please take a look, and thanks a lot for your work.


Thanks for the quick response.

In the “Inception 1080” are only four files.
2 links 1080p
2 links 720p ?

please check.

Thanks a lot for Your work.


How You can download 2GByte files in one?
I have a low speed connection and unstable WiFi connection, here, any chance to limit this ever growing size?
I can understand to download a 900MB file in one, but a 2 Gigabyte file should be split in 3 parts.
A Premium user can download all parts parallel, if you have the speed, unpack with WinRar is not making any difference between split or no split archives. .