What I think , and what you think ?

Hey all ,
Just wanted to let you folks know about what i think which rips are worth working on ,
As you may have noticed that i never do movies ( generally ) below 5 in IMDb ratings, there is no point really.

But if you guys feel there is something interesting out there , which may not be showing good imdb ratings still let me know , I ll try and re encode that movie 🙂

I am doing my best to get you the good stuff that hits the scene or p2p arena .

Keep your support up , we may be a small community but we are all about good stuff in good quality 🙂 🙂 I hope you all agree

Take care

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Thanks for The Monkey King 2. May you rips Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons (2013) and The Mermaid (2016) ?


can u do more

-popular TV shows like “Walking dead”

-asian and foreign language movies

-18+ movies

-bonus /extra features for big blockbuster movies


your filmchoice and recoding-settings with the high reframes are superb.

Maybe you can add the name of the “director” to the future film releases. And if it’s not bluray your comment/opinion if it’s worth to wait for bluray release.

Sometimes there really is no better quality with the later bluray rip. E.g. by the film “Dark Places” I still don’t know if there is a significant difference between your -wdl and your -bluray reencode.

Tanks a lot.


Hi Scorp,

I suggest to make a page for the requested / suggested movies,
and you can pick the one you feel its good , or can list 3 movies every week and let us vote for the best one.



Thanks alot Scorp for your efforts and for sure for 300MB team,
you are the best guys and doing upnormal job


sorry.. not really.. but rarely new movies now


Like your choices of movies so far. If you could do Mandarin Movies that would be wonderful too (only the most popular ones or hit the box office, although they really make good movies these days)


I want thank you for your awesome works.
I think your choices of the movies were great and I love it.


Yup. What they said … 😀 You are not only very good at what you do but you are also very generous. I only download movies from you. I’m partial to sci-fi, adventure and animation. And a special thanks for that last one “April and the Extraordinary World”.


You are the best encoder I’ve so far found. Quality is number one priority in your encodes.
Thanks for your hard work.


For me, I only download movies from your blog 🙂 But not everything 😀 I only download the one which has IMDB score higher than 6.5. I think you should only encode those movies which you feel it good/great. And also considering your fan request 😀


Thank you for all your efforts. One thing you may like to consider is when a release is part of a series, some of us may like to see the previous movies in the series as well, especially if these are now available in better quality. Just my 2 cents.


hi 300mb can you please upload the best quality for X-Men Apocalypse? the current is ok but overall need more excellent details.

ahmed rifat

thanks a lot
youre rips and choice of movies are the best
i always wait for youre rips because
good movie
audio 10 video 10
best size
builtin subtitle
top hosts

scorp is the best