Important Updates !!!

We know its been a while since our last informational update to you good people.
Right here are a few things that you should be aware of.

1.. RAPIDSHARE : yeah we are kinna late in updating you coz we felt that may be we could talk RS thru.
Due to some restrictions by RS we are at this time not able to access, upload or download from RS and thats the reason why we are not providing any RS links. We are trying to work over an alternative and hopefully in a couple of days we might get a good news. STAY TUNED and sorry aboyt the RS mess but its not in our hands.

2.. A lot of people are daily registering at the FORUMS , but just One guy on an average is following the right procedure to get the account activated.
Plz as soon as you register at the Forum – send us YOUR ID and THE EMAIL via contact form too so that we can activate your account, If this is not done then there wont be any activation of account.

3.. Our finances are as good as dead , the linkbucks adverts have been just able to generate like 10% of our monthly expenditure and practically we cant continue like this so – If you have any suggestions about how we can generate revenue or receive DONATIONS ( yeah looks like we may have to do that after all ) and the SAFEST procedure for going about it then let us know, We are ourselves not happy with the adverts but there is no way rather no safer way out.
If you have experience in these matters then use the contact form to send them or may be register at the forum and start a new thread regarding that.

If you guyz are happy with our work then we hope you ll think about it otherwise we will be shutting the site and everything within a couple of months max.

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