A Few things…

We would like to update you regarding a few things..
1.. Unfortunately our link encryption site sho.rtify is not accessible anymore, we don’t think it can be brought back now.
So, you all are requested to be supportive and patient. Kindly post in the chat thread if you require some links to be fixed.


2.. We have been trying to keep adverts away and improve the user experience, hence we have started to use a new link encryption procedure, if you face any issues in getting to NF and RG links then please let us know. The same old 300mbunited is the password to access the links.
(You might have noticed we tried posting direct RG and NF link , but thats not sustainable as links were getting reported in a jiffy.)


3.. Since March we have introduced a subscribers area so that we can afford to share free file host links. For a nominal donation you can subscribe and get access to free clicknupload links.


4.. We would again like to update that we dont have any backups left for any uploads done before March 2016, so we cant help with that anymore.


5.. The links to anything posted between March 2016 and March 2022 are also not available owing to the mess that happened with sho.rtify, we might have the backups though, so we can re-upload them on request..


6.. PLEASE ALSO NOTE : that we are not keeping any backups of WEB-DL rips so we cant re-upload them ever.


7.. As usual, such operations as ours are rapidly getting difficult to operate owing to financial crunch. If you can help, then please do, make donations oe buy RG , NF accounts by clicking any of our links and buying your accounts from there.


8.. We had introduced various methods of donation like bitcoin , paypal etc please make use

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