We do our bit … would you try about yours ???? …….

Dear all
On our part we have been trying our best to give you a great experience at our site with our uploads …
You may have noticed that ….
We don’t spam our users in anyway.
We keep our site totally clutter free.
We use simple and minimalist (and safer) approach for the downloads.
We have no adverts at our site.
There are no popups at our site.
We always try and upload the newer stuff in time and with highest quality within the constraints of smallest plausible size.
We always try and re-upload dead stuff upon request if we have the backup.
A recent exception has been no free hosts , but we cant continue without some kind of monetary help from our friends hence the we have made free hosts access on a subscription basis for a very nominal charge.

All in our we have been trying to do our bit to keep things simple, safe and entertaining for you all, so please coke forward and help your team.
These are tough times for sites like us , please come forward and help out.

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