Become a donator to subscribe to our elite area to get free host links like Clicknupload and down.mdiaload :D

Dear All..
We have introduced a subscription based system where people who ll be subscribing to our elite area (for 3,6,12 months or lifetime) will be granted access to a the links from the free hosts like clicknupload or down.mdiaload..

Usual download pages will still carry RG and NF links as before but all the free Host links will be moved to a paid area. The free links are not as fast as premium NF or RG ones but still they can be useful to people who arent willing to buy expensive premium accounts.

Interested people can reply here in comments or in the donation page with their actual email id and things will be taken further from there.
Tentative Charges would be 15$ for three months or 27$ for 6 months or 45$ for a year ( these are not final as it all depends upon how the group and the fans feel )

TBH we are in dire need to your support hence we are introducing this paid area, people who like PREMIUM hosts like RAPIDGATOR & NITROFLARE can still opt for them and buy by going to their site after clicking any of our RG or NF DOWNLOAD LINKS.


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Let me start with a big big thank you for all the hard work over the years!! I really enjoyed and enjoy it. So here I try again via the email my paypal account is registered to … and thank you again.

Satish Gupta

Hi Scorp,
I would like to subscribe for the free links. So please share me the details.


I’m interested in doing the subscription, Scorp, as I ran out of email to make a new RG or NF account.
As long as I can pay using my Paypal, I’m good to go, shoot me an email please.


there isnt anywhere to click a link to donate the $15 to get access to the zippyshare free links. how do i become a subscriber? this is so confusing since this doesn’t take you anywhere to join just more of the same donate by buying premium of rappidgator and so on messages not to become a subscriber. might want to fix this asap if you want subs. thanks


I’m interested, shoot me an email scorp.


can I have the subscribe detail emailed to me as well?


Pls may I have the subscription details, thanks


You are welcome!
Glad to help out πŸ˜‰


Hi Dear scOrp
We Know You As A One The Greatest Encoder, And I Believe You Deserve Better Than This, So In This Regard I Have Suggest.
Come On Telegram And Share Your Contents, There Is So Many People Who Looking For Movies And Know You & Like Your Encodes, But For Some Reason Don’t Know You Website (Actually They Don’t Know You Are Still Active, Like Myself Until A While Ago) In My Opinion With A History And Archive That You Have You Can Go Popular Asap, Some Of Your Partners Did The Same To Get More Member Around The World And They Successful, Even Without Website.
On Telegram There Are Many Options That Will Help You Grow And Interact More With Users (Free And Infinite Cloud Storage, Inline Bot , Public And Private Group And Channel …. And Ways To Earn Money That I Can Introduce If You Are Interested)
So Come And See
Best Regard


Ok I Will Help
Not As Hard As You Think , I Suggested Telegram Because Its Suitable For This Kinda Work You Find Out By Yourself If You Come
So Get Sign Up And Let’s Corporate
Email Me After You Signed Up To Do The Rest


C’mon man , there is pc and web version too


can I have the subscribe detail emailed to me as well?


hi scorp, would like to ask how can i subscribe? would like to help and enjoy ur rips at the same time.. but would need to see first if i could afford it.. πŸ˜€

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can i ask for the details? might go for the 3 months, difficult times at the moment.. thanks!


just finished with paypal, its not much but hope it helps


thanks so much!
will see what i can do to help out again.. ☺️


hey scorp & team, is the paypal account from before still good for donations? would like to help again even in a small way.. thanks


hi, just finished with the paypal transaction. sent an email as well. thanks!


I came across which seems to be free.


Excited to hear about the change! Will be more than happy to support the site this way


Definitely will subscribe the new plan (y)


I thought my email was included in the comment information. Can you send me the detail plan please?


seems like they won’t be free then will they if you have to pay to get access to them?


seems fair


Hi Scorp,
with the lack of support from most users, a subscription-based freeload area as well as links for RG-/NF-referral-link users seems a fair solution.Thumbs up that it will work out!