Right ( hopefully ) way to buy or renew RG & NF accounts so that we can get our cut…..

Hey All
Up until now, we were of the view that accounts purchased or renewed using our REFERRAL links will fetch us our cut,:(  but we just got to know with the help of TAM that its not the case.

So if you wish to really help us then please buy or renew your accounts by clicking any of our RG or NF links ( please make sure that the links pertain to live files not dead or deleted ones ) , once you are at the RG or NF page from there kindly make the purchase and renewal ..

Lets hope this helps us ..


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Sadly my Rapidgator account was renewed just 4 days ago without me noticing it. I guess somewhere in my account is an automatic renewal included. But I’m actually quite confused that they even didn’t send an email saying that my account was renewed. Since I bought this account using your link in the first place I’d be interested if you got anything from it.


Yes, it was october 18th.