Upon request of a donator CLICKnUPLOAD links are back but………….

As you all know we were always for usual downloaders, be it split parts, multiple host, or free hosts and all, but since things started to become very tight financially we had to gradually change our ways.
TBH we are hanging by a thread, there is still a huge backlog of unpaid dues which we SHOULD pay, and then there are operational costs and our time as well. Our latest donator HSIM asked us to see if we can provide CnU links for his friends in an Asian country and we complied and obliged …

But please note this is being done as we were helped and we cant continue with free hosts as we need help from you guys as well to keep things running.

So please help us so that we can help you


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Thank you scorp and HSIM for the work and the CnU links.