No support .. Hence only RAPIDGATOR Links will be provided from now on …….

As there is no support (apart from a few Noble guys)
Soon we’ll be stopping all support for UL and SD links (no more UL and SD links no matter what)
We’ll be doing it any day, unannounced, along with that most probably the comments will also be closed.


EDIT : Dec 20th

From today onward the encodes/rips will be done for the selected few (our esteemed donators) who have come forward in recent past and helped us ( we can shut operations but we dont wish to ditch them as they have helped us in our time of need). As they are fine with RG links hence we will be using RAPIDGATOR LINKS only.
No more easy and free links now.
From now on till we can run the site only RG links will be shared.

If our donators are generous enough they can keep us alive otherwise we are well towards shutting shop for good now.

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sorry to hear that, scorp,
but why the comments will also be closed?