A Humble request to all : PLZ PLZ PLZ wear a mask whenever you are outside of home.

The pandemic is getting worse by the day 🙁 & It isn’t gonna weaken till all of us take a pledge to wear a mask when we are going out, wear it properly and all the time.
Secondly we HAVE TO avoid crowded places no matter what.
With the slightest signs of cold, cough, fever, loss of smell or taste one should not leave home and observe strict quarantine, get screened and follow the directives.
Please lets do our bit for the elderly and the compromised as they are the worst affected due to COVID-19.

Be safe plz
Take care

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,,, !
mask wearing is quite a moot point !
a mask might actually stop about 5% to 10% of airborne infections, the Main place everyone will catch airborne bugs – is through the conjunctiva – that area which is around the eyes !!
mostly all a mask will do is to concentrate the output of your own carbon-dioxide to a point you become lethargic due to not getting enough clean air, that is fresh oxygen …

something for everyone to contemplate …
have a Happy New Year,


Hear Hear! It works! I come from a densely populated city state, infections were high per capita, mask wearing and safe distancing are law, we now have some days with zero community transmission and at most 2, maybe 3 cases a day. Stay safe


My country was covid-free for about 5 months then people started to underestimate the situation and now cases started to increase. Stay safe, everyone.


Very well said!
Not a US citizen myself (as I suppose you are?), but doing my part where I live 🙂