UPLOADED links will be discontinued starting Dec 1st ….

PLEASE NOTE : Uploaded links will be discontinued permanently starting December 1st 2020, Please don’t renew your UL accounts , rather use RG, as they are still decent and sane.
Afterwards only RG and one more host (yet to decide, as with the current situation we can’t use speed-down for very long)


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Michelle D

Hi 300mb. I will comment little.
Uploaded is extreme slow for nonmember like myself. It is impossible to download at all with 30KB/s or 5hrs.
RG is quicker… about 3hr.
anyway,whatever you upload here,people will just watch and forget. so dont try so hard with so many different versions of 1 movie such as BRrip, Web,X264HEVC,etc etc. I believe most of us dont care.

Stay covid19 free.

Michelle D

Although Uploaded is slow, it supports resume. RG speed turns to 0 when almost complete its download at some point on some day and happened to me last night. So.. any sites with resume, is good for all of us.


If you drop uploaded I’ll donate to another site. Business decision on our part.


please use another hosting like zippyshare, clicknupload or google drive scorp, it would be nice


Just sent a donation of £20 via bitcoins. Not much, but hope it helps.


I cannot attest to referral amounts payments but after years of trying different hosters, I’ve settled on Rapigator, RapidRar and FileFactory. The first two for speed, consistency and ease of renewals without going through hoops and the last is also consistant plus it offers a search function.


It seems other sites are also dropping UL for some reason.


So I purchased an 1/2 year account with Rapidgator today and I also just donated via PayPal through GOR. Are you interested in the details?


Okay, will do.


Hi there,
as someone who used the UL referral I am disappointed too, ‘coz I had hoped that me using your link (I repeadedly used shorter period UL accounts) would be some action of support for you guys. If you do not benefit, well, then I guess there is no use in using UL any more, right? Does RG treat you better? Then there is an alternative …
Do not despair. When one door closes, there will b another one opening … I hope 😉


if uploaded isn`t giving you the money they promised then stop using it, even if its a good hosting site but there are others you are already using.