Equipment Failure …

Just had an equipment failure
May have to buy new components
so you guys have to be patient now about the updates … may need to buy practically all parts a fresh
Gimme sometime to plan this and get it done please .

Edit : still in process and progress but far too many variables now especially the COVID scenario hence gimme some time plz

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I guess now would be a good time for all of us to pitch in a little bit. Will donate on my next day off.


Thank you for your hard work


Equipment failure is always a bummer,assuming you have a backup, software you can always restore but equipment… I sympathise, I am currently debating whether to fix my 10 year old computer or buy a new one.


sorry to hear that scorp. is it the cpu gpu? if it is the cpu i would say look for the newer ryzen 3 that are coming out in november. i dont know whether u prefer intel or amd but recently amd has been cruising with more cores and threads than intel.

Tim Apple

In my experience, the only part in a computer that has to be new and good is the PSU. All other parts are consumables. CPU and memory almost never fail, you can buy a used part with a huge discount. A decent motherboard (like Gigabyte Ultra Durable series) can last for a very long time, you can get a huge discount on that too if you can get a used one. And HDDs – you can never rely on them even when they are new, so set up a backup plan and you can save lots of money on them too (I recently bought two 4TB HDD for about $15 each, they work perfectly). Just make sure that you check everything before you buy.