There will be no more NITROFLARE links

No one purchased any premium hence I guess its safe to deactivate this option
No more NF links

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Hay scOrp, I’ve no experience running a website but I have a suggestion to make.
Why don’t you opt for hosts like ? I know the owner, he’s sensible honest guy, who will pay you honestly for the downloads and you’ll get premium which means files will not be deleted for inactivity.

It’s far easier to upload/download from there, you get paid, users will have less hassle downloading, your files will stay online forever. What’s not to like ?


I’ve been using that site as a personal locker for 5 years. When you sign up, make sure you get in touch with the team and make them aware that you are signing up for a PPD/PPS program and ask them to give you a premium account.
And make sure you give them reference to your site (300mbunited) so that they can see you’ll be a potential asset to their business model.
Be known scOrp, your work is highly appreciated. I can’t emphasize it enough.