Guys can you help advertise the site in your closest circle plz…

Ssup folks 😀 hope allz well at your end …
Guys ! although we have never tried or intended to increase the traffic at the site, we always felt limited movie lovers, less crap, more live links, with a healthy atmosphere … But now we feel we we need more traffic, genuine traffic so that more people get to know about our clean site and genuine & quality updates. [Quality… well you all know how serious we are regarding quality and movie watching pleasure.]
At this time there is utterly low , rather next to nil support from the fans and users as far as donations go..,
We understand COVID situation has hit everyone but the least you guys can do is try and spread the word about the 300mbunited site among your trusted circle.

We dont believe in bulk, never have but quality hence we would appreciate more genuine movie / quality content lovers to visit our site, download our stuff , enjoy and may be ultimately help us out as well.
Hoping you guys will pay some attention to this humble request and take out time to advertise the site…
Thank you !
Take care !
Wear mask, maintain distance , avoid crowded places and try and stay home as much as possible

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Well I’m ready to make another donation


Quality over quantity anytime of the day.
11 years and a loyal (and not so displeased) visitor