Size vs Quality … Hope you guys are happy …:)

Dear guys

To maintain quality with respect to higher screen sizes & resolution, the rips might have 100 to 200MB extra in size.

Hope you guys are okay with that. TBH There is no point hammering the rips and posting a average or below average video just to save a few more MBs

Our motto has been Highest Quality at smallest size and to stay true to that motto in current scenario of bigger screens and better resolution Televisions we have to change ours stuff and move a notch up.

Now the rips have a different way of encoding with different set of settings and sizes.

Hope you guys agree with this and are happy with the new size and qulaity… do comment plz.

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x265 rips are really great. It would be even better if it would be in 10bit with 5.1 channels….. Appreciate. Thanks.

D4rk DeMoN

Everything is fine with few extra MB in size 🙂 For quality, I have no doubt is superb in each release by ultrasc0rp 🙂

D4rk DeMoN

No problem if my comment was sended for moderation 🙂
I am still uploading, but not anymore movies, just downloading and enjoying your releases 🙂

It is very nice too, to see here the designer of team iC 😀

Wishing all the best for you 🙂


Loving the 5.1 1080p Rips. Much appreciated!

Jim King

I love the new rips, they look great on my 45 inch smart tv. Keep up the great work!