Keep helping us to churn out greater stuff …. we need your support ……

Dear Friends
I would start by thanking all the great guys who made donations in the month of April.
We reciprocated by uploading great 1080 and 720p rips of some great highly rated and sought after movies… by investing more resources.
But unfortunately donations have totally dried again , same guys aren’t expected to chip in again and again to help us.
If some of you can come forward every month, our operations would keep running without hitch.
ATM things are sort of on a downward spiral, I believe you guys can make that out as less and less 1080 ones are being posted 🙁

If you appreciate our work then take out some time and power our venture up for another round this July 🙂 by making smaller donations, ( we have Paypal and bitcoin both now )…
rest upto you folks , enjoy till it lasts … at least we are doing our best to keep you entertained at the fullest in these trying times .

Thanks TC

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Great job you are doing, ScOrp! We all appreciate what you’ve done for us and we know that the film industry is on halt, all we got is TV movies and series. I am following you from the nineties. A long path is behind you, and you are still the best. I know, I’ve tried the others.


They pay you to keep this site alive. However you keep posting OLD movies. Why waste time on such movies?
Please break down to smaller file. I cannot download if over 1GB. Im not registered user. 🙁


I will when work picks up. Hard Times for all of us. We really appreciate all you’ve done for us over the years ScOrp!!!


just re-upped…. always seem to have trouble doing it and need to take the long tedious support route…..

thanks for all you do


I purchased an account using your referral link over the weekend. Thank you for all your work.