Few updates & questions ….

Hey All !!

Hope all of you are safe and in best of health along with all friends and family.. I wish you all to be safe, healthy and happy.
Hope you have made a protocol on how to protect yourself and the family against the COVID-19 pandemic, If not then please make one, this thing isnt going anywhere as yet , we all have to take best possible precautions at every level of our daily life.. I am not a specialist but you guys can post your queries regarding this in here as well..

Now off to the topic :

  • 1.. There has been just one donation this month, no UL or RG accounts have been sold and no donations via BTC .. constant looking after and constant help is required dear friends, now more than ever.
    We can add variety of HD and FHD content only if we get enough help.
  • 2.. Since past couple of days you people must be noticing somewhat inflated yet great quality WEB-DL rips , I hope you are finding them pretty soothing to eyes and great in video quality.
    I feel all of us can bear a few more MBs of quality , can’t we ?? With bigger screens of computer monitors 7 Televisions I was feeling we should upgrade the rips a bit.
    This is why for 1080p I am highly inclined to move to x265 ( many times the quality than that of x264 and similar or marginally higher file sizes) plus better quality and a bit of bigger sizes of 720p x264 rips to make them look way more crisp.
    127 Hours (2010) 720p
    Inheritance (2020) 720p – WEB-DL
    Lillian (2019) 720p – WEB-DL
    Killbird (2019) 720p – WEB-DL
    Last Moment Of Clarity (2020) 720p – AMZN-WEB-DL
  • 3.. I would also like to ask If you guys are game to have 5.1 Dolby Digital AC3 audio for all 720p RETAIL-BRrips as well ???
    This all will add to the size of the rips, but see !! now instead of hammering a rip, losing details, making it just okish to watch isnt our goal, we want then to be truly high quality at smallest possible size ( with respect to the quality) ,,, whats your view.
  • 4.. How many of you are following our twitter handle ?? Is it helping you ?? I am of the opinion to not post rip updates on twitter , just important announcements .. whats your opinion.


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10 Responses to Few updates & questions ….

  1. Carl Comet says:

    Aloha Scorp,

    I hope you are safe on the healthy and happy side of life!
    Generally I think it is a good strategy to have 720p with good picture quality at a reasonable file size of around 1 GB and 1080p with premium picture quality at a file size of around 2 GB – whatever the codec. My understanding is that you know best which result deserves what kind of energy on your side.
    I just watched The Inheritance and had nothing to criticise in terms of quality. Looked really good on my screen. It all depnds on the kind of movie, too. Films like The Inheritance are fun to watch even in medium quality, whereas Star Trek, Star Wars, Zombieland etc. deserve the best quality 😉
    In comparison I was kinda disappointed picture-wise of the quality of Underwater and 47 meters below: Uncaged. I hugely enjoyed these movies, but there were too many artifacts (due to high compression rate, I guess). The encoding must have been very difficult, I suppose, because there are many scenes taking place in twilight and darkness with sometimes quick movements.
    Basically I follow a simple policy: Scorp knows best! 😉
    Big thanks for all your efforts and inspirations! 🙂

    • scOrp says:

      Long time mate
      Hope allz well at your end .
      You are correct when you say , the size , bit-rate all SHOULD depend upon the type of content of the video, Hence the age old method that encoders seem to be following is WRONG now , especially with great TV panels and ever increasing resolution and access to high quality streaming service to compare with.
      This is the exact reason I am pushing all for an allout x265 transition for 720p as well as 1080p. But seems like people want 1080p in x265 as of now and 720p in x264.
      To have great qulaity for x264 we should be ready to have file sizes anywhere between 800MB to 1.8GB so that proper justification can be done to the sort of content.
      using a set pattern isnt gonna make me and I am sure all of you happy…

  2. John says:

    Hi scorp,
    Thanks for being a savior for all these years.
    As for this new 720p rips. It is always fine to have 720p rips in smaller size. That is what started this website, where we used to get films with good quality in smaller size. We always have 1080p for those big file with 5.1 audio. People who download can choose with size and quality.

    • scOrp says:

      Thanks man
      I have been trying to enhance the quality of 720p rips too , but after a small limit that will require adding to the bitrate and size
      So leaving that for now
      increasing the bitrate of 720p rips just a hint though. I would still urge all to seriously give 720p rips a shot with x265 , in similar file size of around 800MB to 1.5GB you can have kickass quality … crisp as a chip 😉 you guys must have seen those x265 720p TV shows rips , even better than those 😀
      Till then
      I will be doing
      720p BR rips always in x264 smaller size along with 2 Channel AAC audio with average quality ( it can be made way way better by giving more size )
      1080p releases no matter what source , all in x265 with DD5.1

  3. Fostlinger says:

    Hi Scorp,

    can not open the new multiple files .rar

    I tried “unarchiver” and “unrarX” but no chance.

    Do you know any solution for that?


    • Fostlinger says:

      Sorry, need to correct: Just TCSyndrom and TDriver72

      • scOrp says:

        redownload please , the files are fine .
        You may have to extract multi parts from single link first
        then extract again with ultrascorp as password from multi parts.
        use latest winrar , easy and great or may be 7zip

      • scOrp says:

        btw : didnt you want to make a donation ???
        we sent an email to you , did you get it ?

  4. Tim Apple says:

    Hi, Scorp. Wish you good health as well.

    Did you think about ADs? Some other film sites are using them. PS, for instance. Quality is better there, because they make 10-bits, but they are doing only new films, with very rare exceptions. There are a lot of good, not so new, films that are hard to find in a decent quality. Very few people, if any, are making such, and among them your rips are probably the best. I guess this niche is scarcely occupied, so you can easily take it.

    Twitter adds convenience. Occasionally, more people might see a tweet, it depends on the contents.

    • scOrp says:

      10 bit support is limited hence I never gave it any thought. But I feel use of x265 all over is a great idea forward , 10bit can be incorporated later.
      If ample support in terms of donations and constructive comments are given , we can add a lot of class content.
      As you may have noticed I generally re encode stuff thats around or above 6 in imdb ratings .

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