Protection & Precaution are the only keys now !!

Don’t go out of your homes now. Situation is getting worse all over the world. Social distancing rather ISOLATION is the key. Kindly stay at home unless its absolutely necessary to go out.

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4 Responses to Protection & Precaution are the only keys now !!

  1. kalajengking says:

    many people are too ignorant and selfish as in the movies. and yet, here i am on my office or i m gonna lose my job.

    • scOrp says:

      Not good man, Certainly not good
      This is an extremely serious threat to all humanity TBH.
      I wish and prey some sense into the mind of your employer .
      On your part take huge precautions
      USE a good mask
      touch minimum possible things
      ask for a high alcohol percentage sanitizer and keep rubbing it
      as soon as you enter back home , dont touch anything with hands even the door knobs , ask the person opening the door to get inside another room after unlocking the door
      you straight away go to the bathroom and remove all clothes take a bath if possible and then mingle with family.
      This is the best you can do and hope for the best

      • kalajengking says:

        thanks Scorp, hope this will end soon.
        take a good care dan keep healthy.

        • scOrp says:

          Yes man
          May the almighty have mercy on the humanity.
          Lets all pray for the recovery of infected ones and protection of the general population and the eternal peaceful rest of the departed ones.

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