I am loving the 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio a lot in a few of recent uploads :) what about you ?? & some more views and reviews ………………………………….

As you guyz must have noticed a DD5.1 in Jumanji 1080p, S01E01 of Amazing Stories & Homeland S08E05.
The audio is very vibrant and lively as compared to AAC LC 5.1
From now on all 5.1 audios will be in 256kbps Dolby Digital
Hoping your media players , Tvs and stuff wont have an issue 🙂

On another note , I would like to urge the guys who like the Animated ones that too with a vampire concept , CASTLEVANIA is a awesome series , I had stumbled upon it 2 years back , just like that and I like it a lot.

Amazing Stories is a remake of Steven Spielberg’s earlier work and this time its for APPLE TV , Just one episode and i really loved the toned down Sci Fi and more emotional mystery character of it,do give it a go, I really didnt think I would fall for something like this as i watched it for the sake of Time Travel only but it turned out pretty nice really 😀

Gran The man in the high castle if you haven’t already, same with Homeland , I know i have not encoded earlier seasons , but i believe i did nthe 7th and doing the 8th , In my view its one of the best Espionage thriller Shows now , shame that despite being top notch , season 08 is the last , I am certainly gonna miss this one just like I still miss FRINGE 🙁 and Person of Interest and some more

Been a while since we shared reviews , lets get on with them guys and help all

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Carl Comet

Aloha again, guys!
I must confess my requirements for audio excellence aren’t that high. Simply because I do not have the equipment and the files are compressed anyway. So when I really love a movie, I will get the BR. So far all the Scorp stuff I got interested in made me happy. Great job, Scorp!!!
As for my interests, well, I definitely prefer movies to series. Take Westworld for example: The series is well-made, no doubt, but it lengthens a basically simple story and often makes it unnecessarily complicated. Particularly the second season scrambles the storyline so much that you almost get a headache and almost never know who is where and when and why … ok, in the end you get the idea and everything is woven into a working structure. But watching it is more of an effort than relaxing entertainment (I think).
Do you know the movies with Yul Brunner – Westworld (1973) and Futureworld (1976)? How cool were they! Straight story. Straight characters. Straight tension build-up. A supercool gunslinger (Yul Brunner), a driving soundtrack (Fred Karlin) and perfectly working atmospheric setting.
These movies you can watch on one evening and you got it all. But the series? They always use cliffhangers, raising new questions, leaving you unsettled – thus making you an addict watching the whole season in one night. Arrgh … I know that series have become so popular with Netflix and all. But not for me. I still prefer the movies (if they are great, then three hours is OK, too).
Coming to an end now, I’d like to recommend “Spies in disguise”. I think that animated agent movie comedy is a bit underrated by the community. The story is quite Bond-like but offers a bunch of nice twists and crazy ideas that are really fun to watch. The movie is really entertaining, not a second boring. And it’s not at all stupid. The younger audience learns in a funny way the importance of working in a team and trusting your friends … Enjoy that adevneture of the tech-nerd and the superagent turned-into-a-pigeon! It’s fun!

Carl Comet

Oh, you’re more than welcome, dear Scorp! And you are doing an amazing job here – be it with tv shows or movies 🙂
Of course, I have a history with tv shows, too. So I am a huge fan of The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. As a kid I enjoyed these a lot (as well as Star Trek TOS). They had of course the advantage that you could watch each episode separately … I got addicted nontheless 😉
Enjoy all the stories no matter what the format. And take care of your health in these strange days of Corona!