Can anyone make a/few good looking header image for us

We would be thankful if any one of you who is great at Graphics mihght take out sometime and help us by designing a good looking header image, or a few of them so that we can keep the spice up 😉
dimensions should be around 940 by 200 pixels
our site url should also be there as there are hell number of 300mb united sites all over the internet , facebook , pintrest and god knows where 🙂

you may share themn here in comments
many thanks in advance 🙂

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Carl Comet

You’re so welcome, Scorp! It was all my pleasure, mate! 🙂


I can make some too. If i can get a link to some of the image files too.

Carl Comet

“Share them in the comments” … how is that supposed to work? I tried to share the image-url in the comment section – didn’t work, comment was killed by the cms. I tried to share the url in the website section – same thing …

How exactly do you want us to share the img?
I guess, I am just too dumb for this …


Unfortunately I have no skills and software to help out with your request. Hopefully there will be other talented people here around.


I have a few ideas. If you have any image files you want included, like the sc0rp stamp, send them to my email (or upload them to an image hosting site and give me the url) and I’ll draw up a few for you to have a look at. Also let me know what image format you want them in (i.e. .jpg, .png, etc.)


Still waiting on the images you want included. I have a few base header images done already with space to put the sc0rp stamp and any other iconic 300mbunited images you want included.


Thanks Mate. Will work on these this evening.