Guys, OUR EXISTENCE and your Entertainment is entirely dependent on your SUPPORT and DONATIONS, so do chip in.

Now that Bitcoin option has been added , please use it
There have been just a couple of donations till date and i am editing this on Jan 19th 2020, I am sure we can do better :), Do chip in guys.
On my part you can see , i am doing the best to keep you folks entertained, adding Tv shows , webrips, 720p, 1080p Do help to keep the spirits of this site up .

Make a Bitcoin wallet at any of the wallet sites of your preference , they dont ask any info , add $ to it via any preferred method , use out donation address and viola 🙂
Alternatively , Buy UPLOADED or RAPIDGATOR accounts using our links , although the referral are small but everything helps 🙂

Alternatively you guys can always buy your UPLOADED and RAPIDGATOR accounts using our Referral links .

Last but not the least, Do add your comments, that encourages me , us a lot, makes us feel good .


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35 Responses to Guys, OUR EXISTENCE and your Entertainment is entirely dependent on your SUPPORT and DONATIONS, so do chip in.

  1. Cross says:

    Keep up the good work, mate!

  2. Gor says:

    Dude, just sent some funds your way via BTC. Pls check and let me know if you’ve got it!

  3. parsleybrain says:

    I just bought a rapidgator premium account using your referral link. I hope it helps and you get the cut.

  4. Limmy says:

    Hi scorp. I am new to bitcoin. How do i donate via bitcoin? Thanks. 😀

  5. Bobby says:

    Just sent you a small donation via bitcoins. Hope it helps.

  6. scOrp says:

    @ Deepak with emil kabooooom etc
    Your comments are always filtered based on their content, seems like they sound very arrogant and must be having flaming words
    We are all movie lovers and a small community of guys who respect each other and enjoy the uploads.
    We are not expecting donations from everyone so dont worry and dont bother about them.
    As it is content is free to view and download
    have fun and take care

  7. Darren says:

    Scorp, just watched the Terminator series you uploaded recently. Few issues here on the subtitles. Any idea or how to fix the subtitles for Terminator 1, 2 and 4? I’m a big fan of your encoding and all my movies are from you only1. Terminator 1, 2 (Judgement Day), 4 (Salvation) – Subtitles out of sync for a few seconds2. Terminator 3 – Subtitle sync is ok. Certain words “a” becomes “e” or I found one “o” becomes “0” such as 0ff. Just some alphabets messing around. Im fine with it.3. Terminator 5 – Subtitles seems ok as I glance through

    • scOrp says:

      strange , as subs are from the sources
      I have mentioned the names of the sources , try and search online for subs , may be at
      or you may have to try a few

  8. Smugy says:

    thanks a lot Sc0rp, wishing you all the best.

  9. attax says:

    Hey Scorp
    Love your page for more than 8 years now…
    But i have no clou about Bitcoins … Paypal ?
    I know that is not safe for you but is there something else that is not Crypto Currency?
    Thanks for your hard effort

    • scOrp says:

      crypto is good for you and for us , at least for now
      just make a wallet , that needs no personal info whatsoever an viola 🙂
      Paypal , never
      the other way would be buy a one year uploaded account via our link and if you dont need it share the account with us , we can make use of it 🙂

    • Hadikhan says:

      I can teach everyone in here to use cryptocurrencies so that they can donate or use crypto for trading or other purposes…my skype is : hfaz63

  10. bash says:

    scorpy these updates for the classics older movies are great man. seriously love this. going to download scarface have not watched that in a long long time. as for the bond u know for me daniel craig is the best bond period! thanks for doing those again and that too in 1080p! way to go. i am going to download all that like right now. u back more eager than ever and i will definitely give u feedback regarding the quality of the encode just give me a few days to watch this!

  11. j2q says:

    Like everyone else, very happy the retirement was short-lived. Always appreciate your work! Working on a nice chunk of BTC coming your way soon!

  12. Ixtis says:

    I’m glad you are out of retirement. I thank you four your effort and hope you are well. And as always, compliment your on your great encodes!

  13. rsr says:

    hey i think it’s great that you decided to continue with this awesome site, and i appreciate your work and dedication.
    this is my go-to site when it comes to movies and tv-series.
    i’d like you to concentrate more on legendary tv-series than modern movies, for example Band of Brothers, Sopranos, Planet Earth, Cosmos and such… also reupload True Detective S01 if you can 🙂

    i will be donating $20 in bitcoin very soon, pls keep the address posted so others can find it too 🙂

    • scOrp says:

      thanks for the nice words mate
      but doing series a a real headache tbh, i just cant do so much work in one go
      but still if the community takes care of the site then i can promise will keep you guys amply entertained fo sho 🙂

      on that note , Its becoming utterly impossible to find working links to older stuff.
      You guys cant imagine what i had to go through to find working high quality links of Indiana Jones sources.
      same happened with James bond stuff as well.
      so finding tv shows i doubt there can be any anywhere 🙁

  14. D says:

    I just happen to come by as I still have site bookmarked. I thought you announced your retirement.

    • scOrp says:

      yes i did , but after so many requests , giving it another shot , with full possible force
      expecting all you folks to keep things alive by helping 🙂

      • D says:

        jeez, what happen to taking it easy and the health scare. Take care of that sc0rp.

        • scOrp says:

          i am easy and definitely taking care of health with proper diet , exercise , meds and stuff
          stopped eating out
          doing yoga as well 🙂
          but going to bed is getting late as cant sleep
          but thanks for the reminder and concern

  15. Carl Comet says:

    I am pretty sure that people greatly appreciate your work and your efforts. But maybe they are just too shy to say so 😉 I think you’re doing a great job and all. For me the UL option works best, so I’d love to continue on that referral road … Best of thanks, Scorp, and don’t forget to take care of your health!

  16. josh says:

    i’ll donate when i begin earning !
    i have not tried your new encodes but i like your work