Help us, now we are accepting Donations via BITCOIN !!

Dear friends as you all know we were as good as dead as a site in August this year, But we took another dive as loads of you were repeatedly asking us not to quit just on financial grounds.
Giving everything a thought we decided to play another inning, and took another financial help to get things back on track (pretty obvious i guess, considering number of rips being posted and how quickly they are being updated plus we are moving to a new pastebin ( had to 😉 )

We are relying on you and your financial help now that.s why we have added BITCOIN as a proper donations option. Kindly make a wallet at any of your preferred sites transfer funds and use our wallet address to donate. Things seem pretty secure and anonymous as well 🙂
We are counting on you.

Head to the Donation page uptop
do your best to help plz

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3 Responses to Help us, now we are accepting Donations via BITCOIN !!

  1. parsleybrain says:

    My rapidgator premium account needs to be renewed in a week. Does it still makes sense to use your referral link in doing so?

    • scOrp says:

      well if it was originally bought using our referral link , then you should renew no worries.
      If it wasnt then you may buy a fresh account with fresh email using our referral.
      apart from renewal ( which gives us referral in single figures ) you may look into donating via BITCOIN.
      We can use all the help at this time , coz we are still low on funds to meet November’s expanses . let alone repaying the previous outstanding .

  2. Simon says:

    Gonna look up a “how To” guide
    Never touched bc before =)

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