Now seems to be the time to up the ante folks !!

There has been no sale of RG or UL account through our referral links in last several weeks, Help us out guys:D

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So today my account was renewed for another six month. I’m curious to see whether you did get your cut.


No, it’s a rapidgator account now. In my profile is your referal link listed so I thought you’d get your cut.


My 2 accounts (Up and Rg) expire in another week or so. Will get new ones then. Quick question – do you receive any premium from the Rapid Premium banner link? If so I’ll get one of those every now and then to help out.


I bought a 6 month premium account with rapidgator using your link on 2 may. So this one is still good for one more month. I’ll get a new one after that.


I bought a 3 month premium account using your link on 6 sept. If you didn’t get your cut, it’s maybe because I used my pre-existing account number. Maybe we should create a new account every time we buy a premium account ?.