10 Years !!! wow, so much has happened in these 10 years

10 years back on 29th of July 2008, I had done my first re-encode
It was

Was so impressed by the concept of 300MB encoding that i had tried my hand at that, Got totally hooked onto the concept of small sized rips and ever since ……
My pals at 300mb original team ( god bless them all ) helped me a lot at various steps.The guys who have kept my encoding and this site alive are Dman and Lioshelter, without their support this all would have vanished in 2010
Now ERO is helping me out on every step ( god bless him )

In these 10 years made a lot of friends, a few enemies too ;), got so much support, love, appreciation and good wishes from you all.
On the way lost a lot too, lost on precious family time, me time and most of all a chunk of my HEALTH 🙁 ( which happened recently as you all know )

But its been a great journey really, just the sheer love for movies, HABIT(seriously), and you folks are keeping me going.

Stay connected guys, wish me good health
keep supporting you site
God bless

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Scorp lover

Love you! 😀 :*


Thanks scorp.
Have been enjoy your work for 10 years.

Ever consider x265 encoding? seems like a big different in size.


Thanks Scorp for your commitment and all the hard work. Challenging at times I can imagine. Your efforts are and will always be much appreciated. Bless you bro! 🙂


Thanks scOrp, always a please to watch your releases!


Happy Anniversary.
Thanks ScOrp and protect yourself.


Thank you scorp and your gang for providing best encode in the world wide web. =p


Thank u for ur hardwork. Stay healthy !!


Thanks Scorp and congrats for the ten years, love you work. Don’t loose your health


congrats and thanks for your hard work and dedication for past decade, keep healthy and rockin 🙂


I made 300mb of river. Do you still use Megui?


Can’t believe its been 10 yrs! I still have your first encode (got it a few months after you released it). I’ve tried other places but always return here because the quality can’t be beat.

Here’s to another 10 years and best wishes for your health.


Thanks for all your hard work! Best wishes!


thanks for the wonderful rips and keep it up

Tai Ring TEH

Thank you scOrp for providing such remarkable service. I truly enjoy your site and your work and hope all the best for you.


Thank youso much for all you do & have done! I luv this site and appreciate all your hard efforts for making it happen. God bless you!!!


Many thanks for all the hard work.
I’m a big fan. I’ll wait for your release always 🙂


Well I cannot remember what was the first movie I downloaded in your site, but maybe it was in 2009 with Bolt. Time flies, the site changed a lot from then but you’re still here and I still download movies from this place. Awesome!! Wish you good health and life, scOrpy.


Thanks so much bro, I haven’t downloaded much in a while but you helped build my film library and I appreciate it a lot.


You’re amazing Scorp. Wish I had a same amount of determination and dedication like you 🙂

The president

You are the best, scOrp!


Appreciate your work. I think now is time you tell us something about urself like where are u from..and whats ur real name..


Thank you scorp for a decade of hard work 🙂