A few Movies came out but all P2P, lets wait for another couple of days

Movies like
Atomic Blonde
Gun Shy
The Show

have come out in so called Bluray formats but they are all p2p , none of them is a SCENE release .
Lets wait for a couple of days , I am sure Scene versions will come out
Take care

In the mean time will post a KORSUBBED version of Valerian..

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5 Responses to A few Movies came out but all P2P, lets wait for another couple of days

  1. Anandha says:

    Whats the matter with this P2P? I don’t understand why! is it that bad??!

    • scOrp says:

      well Bluray rips have a certain standard and guidelines of ripping , which includes some specific settings and a proof that you have actually ripped from a genuine retail Bluray ( released in the continental US ), These rips are called SCENE releases, they generally dont have any flaw and are final ones .

      P2p releases dont have any set standards, people tend to use the video from some other country and add English audio to it , No set standards of ripping, generally they are not considered good sources, thats why we wait for the final proper and the SOLID scene releases for our re-encoding.

  2. qualityplease says:

    Yep it is tempting isn’t it to race and be one of the first with anykind of crap release. Please stick to quality like you said you would.

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