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EDIT : ( edited by scOrp ) This chatroom Topic is for sharing views and opinions , queries , reviews and stuff . All are requested to kindly refrain from quoting needless sites , other forums and stuff. Lets keep it clean , healthy and devoted πŸ™‚


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  1. ERO says:

    LOST IN SPACE 2 (2019) Netflix
    All episodes Dec 24

  2. Raj says:

    Hi Scorp. Are you able to get the re-release of Avengers Endgame (with additional footage at the end)? total length 188 mins compared to original movie length only 181 mins. We would really appreciate it if you can upload it here.

    • scOrp says:

      I haven’t come across such a release, tried searching , couldn’t find any
      If i remember correctly those extra 7 min had some fight sequences only i guess , but i dunno

      • Raj says:

        Some blogs said that after the credits, it has tribute to Stan Lee, then something about Hulk becoming Professor Hulk after Thanos’ snap. Lastly, a sneak peek of Spider Man Far from Home.

        • scOrp says:

          well if you say so then fine, share with me the download link of the source, i might re encode just the after credits footage for you πŸ™‚ if the rest of the movie is same then no point encoding the whole package .

  3. Ferris says:

    Hi Scorp, any chance of re-encode of Ant-Man (2016)? Thanks

  4. ERO says:

    TV News ….

    ABC Cancels ‘Grand Hotel’
    ‘Claws’ Renewed For Final Fourth Season
    ‘Stranger Things’ Renewed For Season 4
    Freeform Cancels ‘Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists’
    ‘BoJack Horseman’ To End With Season 6
    Showtime Renews ‘On Becoming A God In Central Florida’
    ‘Absentia’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘GLOW’ Renewed For Final Fourth Season
    Netflix Renews ‘Family Reunion’
    NBC Renews ‘The Titan Games’
    Netflix Cancels ‘No Good Nick’
    ‘Queen Sugar’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘South Park’ Renewed Through Season 26
    NBC Renews ‘Songland’
    HBO Renews ‘The Righteous Gemstones’
    Paramount Network Renews ‘Wife Swap’
    ‘Big Brother’ Renewed For Season 22
    TBS Cancels ‘The Detour’
    ‘Grace And Frankie’ Renewed For Final Season 7
    Lifetime Cancels ‘American Princess’
    ‘Queen Of The South’ Renewed For Season 5
    Comedy Central Renews ‘South Side’
    HBO Renews ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’
    ‘Ballers’ To End With Season 5
    ‘Born This Way’ To End With Digital Series And Special
    ‘Succession’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Renewed For Season 12
    CBS Cancels ‘Instinct’
    Syfy Cancels ‘Krypton’
    ‘Scientology And The Aftermath’ Ending After Three Seasons
    Netflix Renews ‘Mr. Iglesias’
    ‘Snowfall’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘Atlanta’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘The Proposal’ Cancelled By ABC
    ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Renewed For Season 7
    ‘The Bachelorette’ Renewed For Season 16
    Netflix Cancels ‘The OA’
    ‘The 100’ To End After Season 7
    Showtime Renews ‘City On A Hill’
    Pop TV Renews ‘Flack’
    ‘The Great American Baking Show’ Renewed For Season 5
    CBS Renews ‘Love Island’
    ’13 Reasons Why’ Renewed For Final Season 4
    ‘Baskets’ Cancelled By FX
    ‘Trinkets’ Renewed For Final Second Season
    Amazon Cancels ‘Forever’
    Amazon Cancels ‘Lore’
    Amazon Renews ‘Carnival Row’
    ‘The Expanse’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘Patriot’ Cancelled At Amazon
    Starz Cancels ‘Now Apocalypse’
    ‘The Girlfriend Experience’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Big Mouth’ Renewed Through Season 6
    ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘Will & Grace’ Revival To End In 2020
    HBO Renews ‘Los Espookys’
    Netflix Cancels ‘Tuca & Bertie’
    Netflix Cancels ‘Designated Survivor’
    ‘Animal Kingdom’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘Younger’ Renewed For Season 7
    CBS Cancels ‘The Code’
    ‘I Am Frankie’ Cancelled At Nickelodeon
    MTV Renews ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’
    AMC Renews ‘NOS4A2’
    ‘Doom Patrol’ Renewed For Season 2
    ‘Archer’ Renewed For Season 11
    ‘Impractical Jokers’ Renewed For Season 9
    ‘The Orville’ Moving To Hulu
    Amazon Renews ‘The Boys’
    ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Renewed For Season 6
    ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ To End With Season 7
    Netflix Cancels ‘She’s Gotta Have It’
    NBC Universal Revives ‘A.P. Bio’
    ‘MasterChef: Junior’ Renewed For Season 8
    ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ Renewed For Season 13
    HBO Renews ‘Euphoria’
    ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ To End With Season 6
    Netflix Renews ‘The Society’

  5. ERO says:

    TV News ….

    ‘Ransom’ Cancelled At CBS
    ‘Divorce’ To End After Season 3
    Pop TV Revives ‘One Day At A Time’
    A&E Revives ‘Ghost Hunters’
    CBS Renews ‘Blood & Treasure’
    ‘Scream’ Moving To VH1 For Season 3
    Netflix Renews ‘I Think You Should Leave’
    ‘The Rain’ Renewed For Final Third Season
    ‘Yellowstone’ Renewed For Season 3
    Netflix Cancels ‘Chambers’
    ‘Queer Eye’ Renewed Through Season 5
    TruTV Renews ‘Tacoma FD’
    ‘I’m Sorry’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Pose’ Renewed For Season 3
    Spectrum Renews ‘L.A.’s Finest’

  6. frad says:

    I try for Cars, Toy Story, Angry Bird, Zootopia. Unfortunate all links are invalid not found.

    • scOrp says:

      note that we cant reup everything , as a matter of fact reupping is not a poilcy here , first because i dont have any backup of pre 2016 rips.
      secondly i am unable to devote extra bandwidth now a days for the reup process nor i have enough time.

  7. Jack says:

    Hey Scorp, Shazam’s been released today..! Is that supposed to be a genuine Blu-ray version?? The source’s EVO

  8. ERO says:

    TV News ….

    Netflix Renews ‘Dogs’
    ‘Floribama Shore’ Renewed For Season 3
    Netflix Renews ‘Russian Doll’
    β€˜Corporate’ Renewed For Final Third Season
    ‘The Good Place’ To End After Season 4
    HBO Cancels ‘Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas’
    CBS Cancels ‘The Red Line’
    ‘Lucifer’ Renewed For Final Fifth Season
    ‘Swamp Thing’ Cancelled By DC Universe
    Syfy Cancels ‘Deadly Class’
    ‘Happy!’ Cancelled At Syfy
    Amazon Cancels ‘Sneaky Pete’
    ‘The Ranch’ Ending After Season 4
    Netflix Renews ‘Dead To Me’

  9. ERO says:

    TV News ….

    ‘Vida’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Burden Of Truth’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Silicon Valley’ To End With Season 6
    ‘Dark’ Renewed For Final Season 3
    NBC Cancels ‘The Enemy Within’
    NBC Cancels ‘The Village’
    NBC Cancels ‘Abby’s’
    ‘Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?’ Sets Return
    NBC Cancels ‘A.P. Bio’
    ‘Humans’ Cancelled After Three Seasons

  10. david says:

    hi scOrp
    are u plan for Gloria Bell Julianne Moore ?!


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