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  1. ERO says:

    Some TV News ….

    ‘American Housewife’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘American Idol’ Renewed For Season 17
    ‘Billions’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘Black-ish’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘Blindspot’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘Chicago Fire’ Renewed For Season 7
    ‘Chicago Med’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘Chicago PD’ Renewed For Season 6
    ‘Empire’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘Ink Master’ Renewed For Season 11
    ‘iZombie’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘Last Man Standing’ Revived By Fox
    ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Renewed For Season 20
    ‘Life Sentence’ Cancelled At The CW
    ‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ Cancelled At ABC
    ‘McMafia’ Renewed For Season 2
    ‘Outlander’ Renewed Through Season 6
    ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Search Party’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘Speechless’ Renewed For Season 2
    ‘Star’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘The 100’ Renewed For Season 6
    ‘The Detour’ Renewed For Season 4
    ‘The Expanse’ Cancelled At Syfy
    ‘The Good Fight’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘The Voice’ Returning For Season 15
    ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Ending With Season 4
    ‘Westworld’ Renewed For Season 3
    ‘World Of Dance’ Renewed For Season 3
    ABC Cancels ‘Alex, Inc.’
    ABC Cancels ‘Deception’
    ABC Cancels ‘Designated Survivor’
    ABC Cancels ‘Kevin (Probably) Saves The World’
    ABC Cancels ‘Quantico’
    ABC Cancels ‘Ten Days In The Valley’
    ABC Cancels ‘The Crossing’
    ABC Renews ‘For The People’
    ABC Renews ‘Splitting Up Together’
    ABC Renews ‘Station 19’
    Amazon Renews ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’
    Crackle Renews ‘The Oath’
    Fox Cancels ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’
    Fox Cancels ‘Lucifer’
    Fox Cancels ‘The Exorcist’
    Fox Cancels ‘The Last Man On Earth’
    Fox Cancels ‘The Mick’
    Fox Renews ‘The Resident’
    HBO Cancels ‘Here And Now’
    Hulu Cancels ‘The Path’
    NBC Cancels ‘Great News’
    NBC Cancels ‘Rise’
    NBC Cancels ‘The Brave’
    NBC Renews ‘A.P. Bio’
    NBC Renews ‘Good Girls’
    Syfy Cancels ‘Ghost Wars’
    TBS Renews ‘The Last O.G.’
    The CW Cancels ‘Valor’

  2. ERO says:

    Outlander Gets a Two-Season Renewal at Starz

    Outlander is getting settled in America for at least two more seasons!

    The adventure epic series has been renewed for Seasons 5 and 6 at Starz, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That means we will definitely get to see Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) adjusting to and settling into life in the American colonies as the American Revolution kicks off.

    The announcement comes as fans are still waiting for the official Season 4 premiere date. Even though Outlander only just finished production on Season 4, executive producer Ron Moore told TV Guide in March that the creative team was already hard at work on Season 5. Due to the extensive pre-production required for the show, the team needs as much advanced notice as possible to stay on schedule and save fans from extended “Droughtlander” periods.

    Season 3 ended with Jamie and Claire landing in Georgia after being shipwrecked on their way back to Scotland from Jamaica. The next phase of the series will see them trying to establish lives in America, which comes with its own complications as they have no money or land to their names when they first start out.

    The TV series is based on Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling novel series, which has nine books (and counting) of Jamie and Claire’s adventures in the past.

    Outlander returns on Starz later this year.

  3. bash says:

    i know it is late to talk about a netflix show that ended almost 6 months ago but i watched it recently in one go and what an unexpected Gem it is at netflix. i am talking about GODLESS! so under rated although its imdb rating is good but the fact is that if that show had been on HBO it would get more appreciation from all over.

    i know every episode is like watching a long western movie but hey that is what it is and it gets it right when so many shows lose there sense and meaning it holds true to its core although the ending was quite tame but it delivered with a decent story strong performances and some beautiful visuals.

  4. ERO says:

    Your Name (2016) (Kimi no na wa.) is a very good Anime if you haven’t seen it. It is also available in English Dub.

  5. ERO says:

    The Sinner Season 2 Swaps Jessica Biel for… Carrie Coon!?

    Carrie Coon essentially has the world at her feet after her award-winning performances in two acclaimed 2017 shows, The Leftovers and Fargo. And for a follow up to those, she’ll next be starring in… The Sinner?

    Yep, Coon will take over for Jessica Biel as the female lead on the USA series, according to The Hollywood Reporter, after Biel starred in Season 1. Biel will stay on as an executive producer, though.

    Season 2 of the series will shift its focus over to Bill Pullman’s character Detective Ambrose as he heads back to his small hometown to investigates the murder of a couple at the hands of their 11-year-old son. Coon will play Vera, “a formidable, mysterious woman who struggles between upholding the ideals of the community she leads and fulfilling her own desires.”

    So It Turns Out The Sinner Had a Happy(ish) Ending

    The Sinner was originally planned as a limited series, but it became the network’s biggest hit of the year, so voila! Season 2, here we come.

    Season 2 of The Sinner is set to premiere in August 2018.

    • parsleybrain says:

      I watched the first season and really liked it. Didn’t know though there was a second season planned. Thanks for the info.

  6. ERO says:

    Westworld Is Returning for a Third Season of Killing All Humans

    HBO’s puzzle box series Westworld will be back for a third season, the network announced today. The news comes after the second episode of the second season, but we pretty much all knew it would get renewed so this is just making it official.

    However the big questions — this show is full of so many questions! — were not answered by HBO. How many episodes will Season 3 be? When will it air? Will there be any humans left to fill a third season of more robo-human war or will we just see robots wondering what to do next while they rest on the bones of the slaughtered?

    It’s a good guess that Season 3 will be 10 episodes since that’s the case with Seasons 1 and 2. However, Game of Thrones bucked the 10-episode big drama trend at HBO and went with seven and six episodes for its final two seasons, the latter of which premieres in 2019. The bigger mystery is when it will air. Season 1 premiered in October 2016 and concluded in December 2016, but Season 2 didn’t premiere until April 22, 2018, an 18-month break between the season premieres. Given the expanse of the series and co-creator Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s promise that the show will continue to grow in scope, it’s very possible that we could be in for another lengthy wait for Season 3 as new sets are built and writers wrap their heads around things.

    If you need help figuring thing the show out, we’re here to help! Take a look at the show’s timelines laid out in order or watch video recaps of the first two episodes from yours truly.

    Westworld airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on HBO.

  7. ERO says:

    Westworld (HBO) season 2 has started and it is awesome.
    The Crossing (ABC) is turning out to be an interesting series.
    The Expanse (Syfy) (in season 3) is a very good series from Syfy.

  8. ERO says:

    I watched Lost in Space (Netflix) (2018) 10 episodes and it was good and well-done.

  9. ERO says:

    Why The Expanse Is the Best Sci-Fi Show You Aren’t Watching

    The Expanse returns for its third season on Wednesday, but the new installment of the Syfy drama isn’t debuting with nearly enough fanfare, if you ask us.

  10. david says:

    hi scorp u missed some movies :/

  11. ERO says:

    In April ….

    The Crossing (ABC) Apr 2
    I watched the pre-air pilot and it could be interesting.

    Legion (FX) season 2, Apr 3
    Deep State (FX) Apr 5
    Lost in Space (Netflix) all episodes, Apr 13
    Westworld (HBO) season 2, Apr 22

  12. bash says:

    whats the point of it then? even if u ahve 10 bit panel tv which costs a lot tbh atleast in my country! the encodes are for small sizes and the 10 bit sampling does not do it justice if the filesize u mention is right.

    some say the darker scenes are better in 10 bits but i have not seen any huge difference with few encodes that i ahve seen of 10 bit. other than that as the scorp line goes it is a flawed concept!
    but atleast for filesize to picture quality ratio, it is great!

    • ERO says:

      Anime encoders started the 10bit trend. They think it is cool. Anime (not CGI animation) doesn’t even have 8bit worth of colours and the number of colours they use is very very limited.

      The quality of picture depends on many factors such as resolution, bitrate, frame rate, VBR/CRF, codec etc.

      A 1080p movie may have a worse quality than a 720p movie, as that is only one of the factors.

  13. bash says:

    just to be clear. do we actually need a 10 bit panel tv to fully enjoy the 10 bits encode people are doing these days? or will the 8 bit handle it. i know that it is the 16 million vs 1 billion colors thing but if someone can clarify it plz do

    • ERO says:

      TVs that don’t support 10bit will only show 8bit.

      For a full 1billion colours output, the movies would be about 15gb.

      The re-encoded 1gb movie will NOT have 1billion colours.

      Therefore the concept of 10bit in re-encoded media is misrepresented.

  14. bash says:

    lots of buzz about black panther. another super hero like we needed another!

    but seriously i would watch a superhero movie if it is right so what is it about bcz i ahve no clue what black panther is anyone seen it any reviews ero??

    • scOrp says:

      yep seen it , pretty good CGI, starts as offshoot of civil war from the bombing of the UN,
      nothing new, but simple storyline, great CGI decent time kill.

      BTW i tend to watch all my movies during the first week or second at the cinemas;)

  15. Fernando Rosas says:

    Hi there Scorp!
    Hey, I lost some movies and I was wondering if there would be any chance for you to upload these two:

    *Wreck it Ralph
    *Warm Bodies

    Hope you can, if not well, I still appreciate all your efforts and love your hard work!


  16. Dedale says:

    Hi Scorp.
    Wishing you and your family well.
    Could it be possible to get “Paddington 2” ? Thanks !

  17. ERO says:

    Lost in Space (Netflix) (2018) coming Apr 13th with Toby Stephens (Black Sail), Parker Posey as Dr Smith & Molly Parker.
    Who remembers the original series Lost in Space (TV Series 1965–1968) ? πŸ˜‰
    Trailer seems interesting … could be good

  18. bash says:

    scorp hope ur relatives are well

    i know this is a no request zone but i was hoping u can do novitiate the bluray scene release has come out according to ERO!

  19. somsdmc says:

    I think u’ve missed out on The Shape of Water and I Tonya.
    Sparks source for both have been out.

    • scOrp says:

      thatsa so strange , you are correct i missed them both , dunno how
      well may be , i have been busy with a few relatives being in hospital and all.

      • somsdmc says:

        I feel bad now πŸ™
        Hope they get better soon πŸ™‚

        • scOrp says:

          no mate , dont feel bad. One of them is better and is at home , The other one well, she needs a surgery , complicated one but i feel she ll be great. πŸ™‚
          BTW i have encoded them both now , will post as soon as i get some free time
          Thanks for reminding me
          Take care

  20. Bassiette says:

    Can u make La casa de papel money heist tv show it is a good one ??

  21. bash says:

    hey ero did the bluray for the layover came out? its been a long time

    • ERO says:

      No.. There was a Web-DL and DVD but no BR.
      TBH, its IMDB is 4.7/10 and Metascore: 15/100 and IMDB rates are always inflated.
      They may not even bother with releasing a BR as a BR release wasn’t listed on BR sites.

  22. ERO says:

    Counterpart (2018) from Starz is in episode 6 out of 10 and although it is fairly low budget, it is turning out be a good mystery. Only 4 more to go until the end of season 1.

    Starz’s has ordered two 10-episode straight-to-series seasons.

    Starz’s Counterpart Is the Best New Series of 2018 So Far

  23. bash says:

    hey scorp any chance of novitiate the bluray just came out and i just cant get enough of Margaret qualley!

  24. P says:

    What about a 1080p 5.1 rip of Thor Ragnarok?

  25. ERO says:

    The 7th and final πŸ™ season of Homeland has started.

  26. ERO says:

    Some Dates for you …

    Seven Seconds (Netflix) 2018 S1 Feb 23
    The Good Fight (CBS) 2018 S2 Mar 4
    Jessica Jones (Netflix) 2018 S2 Mar 8
    Instinct (CBS) 2018 S1 Mar 11
    Suits (USA) 2017 S7 10-16 Mar 28
    Legion (FX) 2018 S2 Apr 3
    Westworld (HBO) 2018 S2 Apr 22

  27. ERO says:

    I have watched 4 out of 10 episodes of Altered Carbon (Netflix) and so far it is interesting. It had already been renewed for season 2.

    Note that the correct aspect ratio is 2:1 and the rips that are 16:9 are not the correct aspect ratio.

    Westworld (HBO) season 2 coming Apr 22, 2018.

  28. ERO says:

    The Alienist (TNT) Daniel BrΓΌhl, Dakota Fanning, Luke Evans
    I watched 2 episodes (total 10) and it is not bad.

    Altered Carbon (Netflix)
    All 10 episodes coming Feb 2.

    Homeland (Showtime)
    Season 7 coming Feb 11.

    Star Trek: Discovery (CBS)
    Already shown 13 out of 15 and it is good enough.

    Counterpart (Starz)
    Already shown 2 out of 10 and it is worth watching.

    Happy (Netflix)
    Season 1 (8 episodes) just ended and it has already been renewed for season 2. As previously stated, it is silly but fun.

  29. ERO says:

    I watched Godless (TV Mini-Series 2017) from Netflix and it was OK and watchable.

  30. ERO says:

    Counterpart Is the Sci-Fi Spy Thriller You’ve Been Waiting For

  31. ERO says:

    Netflix Officially Announces ‘Bright’ Sequel

    Bright may have been extremely polarizing, but that didn’t stop millions of Netflix users from tuning in. In fact, so many people watched the film that the streaming service has officially announced a sequel.

    While it was reported last month that Netflix had already ordered a sequel to Daivd Ayer’s Bright, the company made things official in 2018. Using a tweet on the the official Bright Twitter account, Netflix announced that a sequel is officially happening.

    Stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are both expected to reprise their roles in the sequel, and David Ayer will likely return as director.

    You can watch the full announcement from Netflix and Bright in the video below!

    Leaked footage of Orc casting confirms the rumors: there will be a sequel to #BrightMovie.
    β€” Bright Film (@BrightNetflix) January 3, 2018

    The video featured a couple of orcs who wanted to audition for a Bright sequel. After they made their cases for why they should be in the film, the footage switched over to potential titles for the next Bright film, and they were funnier than you might have expected.

    Bright 2, Brighter, Bad Boys in Mordor, Orcs Gone Wild, The Last Inferni and Wand Wars were all up for contention before the video noted that the “title still needs work.”

    No potential release date for the Bright sequel has been revealed at this time.

  32. Jack trouf says:

    Thankyou for continueing great quality only + the subs!. I love the statement “all retail 720p” πŸ™‚

  33. ZacharySwind says:

    Hello. And Bye.

  34. ERO says:

    The Thirteenth Floor (1999) (CiNEFiLE) came out. It is worth watching, if you haven’t seen it.

    Equilibrium (2002) was also released a few days ago. It is another under-rated one worth watching, if you haven’t seen it.

  35. ERO says:

    The Magicians (Syfy) Season 3 starts Jan 10th, trailer is out

    I watched ep 1-2 of new series Happy (Netflix). It is silly but fun silly.

    I have been waiting for a good release of Godless (Netflix) and NTB has just started to come out. It is only 7 episode and good for a binge watch over the holidays.

  36. somsdmc says:

    @EVO @SCORP:

    Any suggestions on Hardware Media Player for TV?
    I am thinking of getting a HW Media player to Play 10Bit HEVC files via USB (And play OPUS audio files if possible).

    Any suggestions on this is greatly appreciated πŸ™‚

    • ERO says:

      To be honest, they are going out of fashion since all new TVs have built-in media player that supports mkv. Many also use HDMI to play form their computer to TV. I have 2 Westerns Digital one but they haven’t been updated for years since they are not popular. They don’t play X265 while my TV plays them.

      TV players are more up-to-date and can be updated but they don’t have the as much control as hardware Media boxes do. For example, most have problem with multiple subtitles and switching between them and only play one.
      Almost all TVs only play UTF-8 external subtitles (not a problem though).

      The cheapest option is the HDMI cable. Otherwise, there are not many that play 10bit HEVC.

      Please note that most TVs don’t support 10bit so they get converted to 8bit. Even most computers do the same and play them as 8bit since computer monitors dont support them.

      If a TV supports 10bit, then it is very modern and has its own player that can play it so no need for external player.

      • somsdmc says:

        I’ve just ordered a HDMI Cable so that i can use my TV as an extended Display to play 10Bit Files.

        Tried with a spare cable lying around and it worked but felt a slight lag in the Video(Was not as smooth as my monitor)

        Hoping that it was due an old cable – Else might have to upgrade my GPU πŸ™

        Lets see.

        Thanx for your input πŸ™‚

    • scOrp says:

      if you can spend then nVIDIA ShIELD might just do what you want and more ;P
      but then i do believe lets wait for 10bit support in the TVs ,
      i recently purchased a smart TV and it plays everything i have , of course not the 10bit ;P

      • somsdmc says:

        Thought about NVIDIA SHIELD first but its too expensive here – Around $680(limited market i guess).

        Went with the PC to TV HDMI option.

        A slight lag with the video but hoping that a better HDMI cable and some tweaking might fix it.

        Fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  37. Adam says:

    Hey… Are you going to encode Happy Death Day?

  38. ERO says:

    Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and News of a Royal Wedding

    Meghan Markle Is Officially Leaving Suits

    Markle has played paralegal turned lawyer Rachel Zane since the season’s pilot. The second half of Season 7 will see Rachel marry her series-long love Mike (Patrick J. Adams), before she is written off of the show. Adams is also reportedly leaving the series at the end of the season to pursue other creative endeavors, but USA has yet to confirm that exit.

  39. Johny says:

    Will you please upload your name 2016.
    I think its english version has been updated.
    Could you please look onto it.

  40. parsleybrain says:

    Hi scOrp, I renewed my uploaded account (for 25 weeks) today. Did you get your cut? I think after that I’ll give Rapidgator a try. Are there actually differences one should know about?

    • scOrp says:

      well as far as i know , Uploaded has been the best in terms of service , yes they have been killing files and banning accounts offlate , hence many uploaders seems to have deserted it.
      But service wise they are still best.
      Lets wait till about a week is left for your account to expire and will update what to do based on the situation then.
      Thanks for the help you have been providing.
      Take care

  41. xero says:

    hi Scorp. i just watched Annabelle Creation deleted scene in youtube & facebook. is there any bluray extended version? If has, are you gonna upload it? Thanks

  42. M34 says:

    Do you know when we may see ‘American Assassin’ popup on DL?

  43. ERO says:

    Some TV/Movie News …

    Netflix Renews ‘Big Mouth’
    CBS Cancels ‘Zoo’ After 3 Seasons
    ‘Ray Donovan’ Renewed For Season 6
    ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Renewed At CBS All Access
    Freeform Renews ‘Alone Together’
    ‘Casual’ Renewed For Final Fourth Season
    ‘Better Things’ Renewed For Season 3
    CBS Renews ‘Salvation’
    ‘Chelsea’ Cancelled At Netflix
    Discovery Channel Revives ‘American Chopper’
    Facebook To Revive ‘Loosely Exactly Nicole’
    ‘The Night Shift’ Cancelled At NBC
    Full Season Ordered For ‘SEAL Team’
    ‘Being Mary Jane’ Cancelled At BET
    Starz Cancels ‘Survivor’s Remorse’
    Audience Network Renews ‘Mr. Mercedes’
    CBS Renews ‘Ransom’
    Disney Channel Renews ‘Raven’s Home’
    ‘K.C. Undercover’ Ending After Season 3
    Fox Tops Up Season 2 of ‘Star’
    NBC Renews ‘Marlon’
    Spike Cancels ‘The Mist’
    ‘Young Sheldon’ Picked Up For Full Season
    ‘The Great American Baking Show’ Back For Season 3
    ‘BoJack Horseman’ Renewed For Season 5
    ‘America’s Got Talent’ Renewed For Season 13

  44. pisang says:

    hai scorp..
    is there a chance for you to reupload Spidey Homecoming 720p with hardsub?

    • scOrp says:

      what do you mean by hardsubs ?
      i always mux subtitl3es in them
      If they are not showing then download any compatible subs and rename them as the movie and place in same folder as the movie file they ll start displaying.

      • pisang says:

        oh, i mean usually every movie always show “greetings.. encode by scorp” at beginning..
        and not appear in this homecoming.. (first time happend i think)

        • scOrp says:

          yeah even i am surprised, I am sure the subs were muxed, may be i used some different version of muxing software.
          kindly download the subs and rename as movie and keep in same folder
          they should show

  45. parsleybrain says:

    So I watched the Mindhunter series on Netflix and I thought this was pretty good. I do hope they will continue with a second series.

    • scOrp says:

      well on my part
      I watched the latest Blade Runner at the Cinema and must say a refreshing change
      People associate sci fi movies like this with a lot of action and stuff, the movie is very interesting and pretty pacy as well, no loud background score and minimal dialogues yet utterly intriguing , pacy, and of course a visual treat πŸ™‚

      A special mention here regarding ATOMIC BLONDE, I missed it at the Cinema so couldnt wait and gave the HCHDrip a chance.
      A well made action packed thriller, the action sequences are just out of the world, the camera technique is just fantastic, people can easily miss it but I urge all to pay close attention to how the fights are getting unfolded how the camera moves and how well they have made the sequences , They seem without a cut. SPECIAL MENTION HERE : the sequence where Loraine fights the guys who are trying to kill the defector.

      • ERO says:

        I have also been waiting for it. I saw the trailer and it looked good.

      • parsleybrain says:

        Same with me, I only saw the trailer. Didn’t find the time to watch the movie yet but really will give it a try. Well, I guess Charlize is a bad ass than? πŸ™‚

    • ERO says:

      I had Mindhunter in my list but then reviews were not that good.

      • parsleybrain says:

        It’s not action packed and heavy with dialog but I really liked how they portrayed all characters inclusive some of the killers. I think it’s intelligent TV.

  46. somsdmc says:

    Will you be uploading The Emoji Movie?
    Looks like its left out.

    Then again, iam not sure if DRONES is a p2p source or not.

  47. xero says:

    Hi scorp. Plz upload Blade Runner 1. Never watch that movie. Want to watch BR2049 in cinema soon

  48. ERO says:

    Star Trek: Discovery (CBS) ep 1-2 are out and overall it is watchable but average.

  49. ERO says:

    The Sinner (USA) limited series with Jessica Biel & Bill Pullman is competed. It was a bit slow and low-budget but overall, not bad at all. As it is only 8 episodes, it is worth watching.

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