Guys don’t be so indifferent !!

AS you all can notice i am trying to work pretty hard to serve so many rips to you guys
but folks are not even replying or leaving a comment
I have asked so many times about the quality of recent encodes as i have started to use a new application with new settings and all.
But all are being so lazy to add a small feedback.

And then there is the DONATION thingy , lol 0 bucks via bitcoin 🙁 come on guys , if i am not able to generate enough amount by the end of October , updates will come to a halt 🙁

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14 Responses to Guys don’t be so indifferent !!

  1. bash says:

    scorpy these updates for the classics older movies are great man. seriously love this. going to download scarface have not watched that in a long long time. as for the bond u know for me daniel craig is the best bond period! thanks for doing those again and that too in 1080p! way to go. i am going to download all that like right now. u back more eager than ever and i will definitely give u feedback regarding the quality of the encode just give me a few days to watch this!

  2. j2q says:

    Like everyone else, very happy the retirement was short-lived. Always appreciate your work! Working on a nice chunk of BTC coming your way soon!

  3. Ixtis says:

    I’m glad you are out of retirement. I thank you four your effort and hope you are well. And as always, compliment your on your great encodes!

  4. rsr says:

    hey i think it’s great that you decided to continue with this awesome site, and i appreciate your work and dedication.
    this is my go-to site when it comes to movies and tv-series.
    i’d like you to concentrate more on legendary tv-series than modern movies, for example Band of Brothers, Sopranos, Planet Earth, Cosmos and such… also reupload True Detective S01 if you can 🙂

    i will be donating $20 in bitcoin very soon, pls keep the address posted so others can find it too 🙂

    • scOrp says:

      thanks for the nice words mate
      but doing series a a real headache tbh, i just cant do so much work in one go
      but still if the community takes care of the site then i can promise will keep you guys amply entertained fo sho 🙂

      on that note , Its becoming utterly impossible to find working links to older stuff.
      You guys cant imagine what i had to go through to find working high quality links of Indiana Jones sources.
      same happened with James bond stuff as well.
      so finding tv shows i doubt there can be any anywhere 🙁

  5. D says:

    I just happen to come by as I still have site bookmarked. I thought you announced your retirement.

    • scOrp says:

      yes i did , but after so many requests , giving it another shot , with full possible force
      expecting all you folks to keep things alive by helping 🙂

      • D says:

        jeez, what happen to taking it easy and the health scare. Take care of that sc0rp.

        • scOrp says:

          i am easy and definitely taking care of health with proper diet , exercise , meds and stuff
          stopped eating out
          doing yoga as well 🙂
          but going to bed is getting late as cant sleep
          but thanks for the reminder and concern

  6. Carl Comet says:

    I am pretty sure that people greatly appreciate your work and your efforts. But maybe they are just too shy to say so 😉 I think you’re doing a great job and all. For me the UL option works best, so I’d love to continue on that referral road … Best of thanks, Scorp, and don’t forget to take care of your health!

  7. josh says:

    i’ll donate when i begin earning !
    i have not tried your new encodes but i like your work


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