Trying my best to stay afloat .. do add comments and make donations to encourage plz :)

Guys I am trying to set this back up again , posted as many as 30 rips but apart from a couple of comments NOTHING at all :(.
Yes we need donations , now more than ever otherwise exactly after a month the site might be closed , But we also need your comments, support and encouraging thankies 🙂 to feel needed , come on help us …
I am sure you guys can do better if I can try ….
LOL we get like more than 1000 spam comments daily but our users dont feel the need to encourage us by writing a few words 🙁

On more practical front : We would appreciate if you guys can point to the best bitcoin wallet ( anonymous , safe and easy to use ) so that we can accept donations in BITCOIN from you great folks 🙂

LOL just recently a friend’s work computer was hacked by ransomware and all the content was encrypted and converted to pdf files , the hackers were demanding he should deposit funds in their BITCOIN wallet to get decryption software and the decryption key,

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28 Responses to Trying my best to stay afloat .. do add comments and make donations to encourage plz :)

  1. resynched says:

    I’m just here to look, if the page still exists and if you finally switched to smaller x265.

  2. Little sc0rp says:

    I especially appreciate your efforts in connecting us to each other in your network.

    Any additional suggestions you may have would be welcome.

    Thank you so much for your help. We greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided us.

  3. tamara2010 says:

    Just notice the come back. Whooo hoooo. Really appreciate it. That’s so exciting. Now I even re-downloaded ALL the movies that I’ve already got from other sources and replaced all of them with your version .. Thank you, thank you.. thank you, you are the best scorp 🙂

  4. Txape says:

    hey man!, thanks for all and sorry for the few feedback!! sometimes we’re soooooo lazy 🙁

  5. Hera15 says:

    Hi Scorp
    been following you here for quite some time and was sad to hear that you were closing shop a view weeks ago.
    Opened up an old bookmark by change today and found that the site was again up and running.
    Very good on you indeed mate!

    As many other’s before me, i’d like to donate but still have a long running ul account. if you find any other way to receive funds, please let us know.

    Again, your work is very much appreciated. Keep it up if you can!


    btw: what about getting funds in form of paysafecard?

  6. Luis says:

    Very grateful for your effort. Please keep us updated, I would like to donate directly to you.

  7. Hadikhan says:

    Thanks can we send BTC to you??

  8. Limmy says:

    Really love your rips, scorp. Just renewed RG account from your referral link. Hope u received that donation. 😀

  9. Bassiette says:

    i wanna Django Unchained and Inglorious bastards from avc remux BR source with x265 10 bit encoding
    that would be awesome

  10. rsr says:

    @scOrp, how can i donate to you? I dont want to buy uploaded account, as i already have it. I’d prefer to donate to you directly…

  11. scOrp says:

    Thanks a bunch @ All 🙂

  12. Kai says:

    Your return is duly noted. Warmest greetings and we are all most delighted. Welcome back!

  13. Dracos66 says:

    1st, tell your friend not to pay the ransom. Let me know the name of the ransomware and I can usually find the fix within 24-hrs.

    2nd, Always appreciate your re-encodes. Renewed RG account yesterday from your affiliate link so you should get that small help. I don’t generally do bitcoin (at least not until the exchange rate becomes more stable) but I do have an extra PC that I could set up as a miner for you. Email me asap to see what we can set up.

  14. wizlion says:

    hey… we appreciate you and hope you comeback pretty soon. its quiet because you said you were closing it down. but eventually people will start coming back

  15. Erfan says:

    we’re here , as always , great job

  16. Fatin Suhaimi says:

    hello. wherever you are. know that many loves you. we love your rips. my husband is.

  17. ino says:

    always grateful with your upload, please let me know how i can donate

  18. Todi says:

    Keep up the good job. I am very satisfied with your job mate. And willing to donate for what you do. Thanks again

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