Dear All !! This is it i guess !!

Hey folks !!
Its been a great pleasure to rip, re-encode. upload , and sometimes re-upload πŸ˜‰ for you guys .
The last 11 years flew like anything.
Now due to the lack of resources we are unable continue this little project of ours and yours.

Starting AUG 1st, we will not be adding any new re-encodes ( unless something extraordinary happens , which is highly unlikely considering everything πŸ™ ).

The site will still be here for a while (may be even longer) and whatever is alive and for however long they are alive , you all can still download.
Take care

God bless and God speed

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  1. Mistu says:

    Man, you are like the first dude who started re-encoding in x264 after aXXo vanishes to thin air and the death of XviD you were the person who started a new era! This site brings back so many memories back from 2008-2009! Always been a fan. You are like this legend who inspired people like to rent RDP and start encoding in x264, later on x265 as a hobby as a movie lover!
    If this is the final goodbye then, take a salute man! It’s been long, I think you should focus on your personal life now. There are so many in the scene now. Just seat back and relax and enjoy life!

    Anyway XOXO.
    Have a great life ahead.

    • scOrp says:

      Thanks for the nice words man , there were others as well before me , i have mentioned about them time and again .
      yes I kept it alive , kept it decent
      but you are actually right more than finances , its the personal life the REAL LIFE that needs more time, more personal resources and stuff.
      Even i am inclined towards calling it a day for good now .
      But you never know

      again thanks for letting me recall those awesome golden days πŸ™‚

  2. Guerrero Jr says:

    2009 was the year I discovered this blog after I moved on from one of its main competitors. Sadly, with the arrival of x265 on the scene, it was more of either you adapt or perish. I remember the good old days of MegaUpload, RS and Hotfile which have all bitten the dust.

    • scOrp says:

      yeah those were the days , encoding was awesomely self sustaining back then , far too many guys into warez so help was never far away .
      so many awesome hosts to host your files and even reward you as well.
      There used to be no condition of selling premium accounts.
      Huge support from the users as well , i remember within a night my posts used to generate more than 100 replies πŸ˜‰
      The love kept me glued , even after last years major health setback i didnt quit but seriously i cant put my personal funds anymore certainly not after investing so much and even making others pay too.

  3. Rizzape says:

    find a way to collect funds and we will all contribute. This has been my go to site for the last 8 years. I would hate to see it shut down because of lack of resources. Please find an alternative way.

  4. Tavarwisa says:

    Visiting this site after a while and I see this announcement. I’m shocked to say the least, scOrp has always been and will forever be the benchmark of reencoding. All the best mate. You are always a star

    • scOrp says:

      Hey there Bro
      long time man
      Hope allz well at your end , and i am sure the situation is better now .

      Well this had to happen one way or the other. Tried my best , made others pay on my behalf , devoted a lot of time
      At the moment to keep things running
      need a good rdp , debts and funds and backup option we ll figure later.

  5. neeb says:

    sc0rp should create a kofi or patreon page

  6. Deepak says:

    Its clear that many of us want to contribute, we just don’t have a straightforward way to do it. Over the years you have mentioned it many times, but never found an easy way for us to contribute. No, the referral/renewal system was NOT at all workable. We love your work, many of us are a decade old visitors. We would love for it to continue, just please find an easy way for us to contribute.

    • Hunter says:

      Like Deepak said so well many of us have offered. I was getting quite upset, then it hit me. If you took money on this site it would invite a whole lot of doors to agencies you don’t want to sniff around.

      So you need to do what all good American companies do – set up a shell site. Sell something like “MB300United rocks CD coster” for the low cost of $99 which includes a 1 year ‘FREE’ code to the download site. The code conveniently is not kept in the records to associate to a sale.

      Best of success to you, please do not shut down. I just renewed my download subscription. Do you know how many email accounts I made over the years just so it’s different so that every time its a new account?

      • scOrp says:

        loads of thanks mate
        Even i dont wish to stop , i hate to disappoint anyone.
        Just busy with something at this time hence have not been able to explore options.
        will see what i can do and update

  7. Hadikhan says:

    BTC is the best way for you my friend to use

  8. JB says:

    As one of the many silent leechers that checks in with your web site almost daily for the last several years, I want to thank you, and let you know that your work has been very much appreciated. I have always respected the quality of your work, as well as your selection of which movies are worthy of that effort. And also the lack of pop-ups and B.S. on your site.

    I have also wanted to contribute to your effort, but just never wanted or needed an Uploaded account. Please try to find a way, if possible, to stay with us, and let me contribute the $100.00 which I feel I owe you for your past work. An amazon gift card to you or a 3rd party would be easy for me and something I have done before.

    • scOrp says:

      Thanks bunch for the kind words guys
      Its not that i have completely shut the door, I am still trying if something can be done.
      The possibilities are remote at this juncture TBH.
      will keep you posted
      The site is gonna be alive so we can talk and chat and discuss.

      • parsleybrain says:

        I don’t know how this with the gift cards works, but if scammer use it shouldn’t it be anonymus then? I mean safe on your end then, scorp?

        • scOrp says:

          yes. gifts cards might work but then we would have to find a way to actually sell them to generate funds .
          but i guess that might work

          • parsleybrain says:

            As far as I understand it works this way: we would buy a gift card, like an iTunes or Google Play card, and then give you the codes on the back of the cards. I guess you would get cash with those codes. I have never done this, I just figured if scammer use this method all the time then this should be a safe way for the recipient of gift card codes.

          • parsleybrain says:

            If tis is the way it works all you would have to do is finding a way the let people give you the codes offline or in a way nobody else can see them. Just a thought.

          • scOrp says:

            let me figure this all if i can and will update

  9. Byron says:

    I really wish there was a way to get you into BitCoin, or some other Crypto Currency. It shouldn’t be difficult to donate nowadays, with the prevelance of the different exchanges out there. contact me via email if you want to know more about setting something up easily.

  10. only says:

    what numbers are you looking at to keep this thing live?

  11. wweexfan says:

    Thank you so much scOrp for the work you’ve done all these years. I will definitely miss “scOrp” in the title of movies(which i download). Your encodes are the best.

  12. Simon says:

    I am gonna miss you ! Only getting movies through you, for the last 10+ years =(
    Thanks for all you and the team has done over the years !
    I will miss seeing the 300mbunited name !!!

    One last idear πŸ˜›
    what about we go the indian scammer way, and donate with google amazon and so on giftcards ???

    Much respect and love !

  13. Dedale says:

    Thank you very much for your great work. greatly appreciated.
    All the best.

  14. xero says:

    your movie is the best quality ever

  15. Mark says:

    Sad to see you go. Was about to buy a new RG account but I guess no point now. Thanks for the last 11 years and good luck with whatever you do next.

  16. parsleybrain says:

    I would have loved to donate in other ways as well as only buying the accounts using your link. Especially when it turned out that you didn’t get your cut. But buying bitcoin for instance seemed too complicated and to much hussle imo. At least from what I understood of the process. I hate to see you go but I understand your decision. I wish you the best for the future and take care of yourself.

    • scOrp says:

      yeah , we had tried to get in bitcoin and stuff but even back then it was a pain
      hence not worth it
      TBH if someone comes up with a secure route for donation , i would definitely like to keep the operations alive

  17. Milk says:

    dear scOrp Thank you for all your hard work and great efforts. I truely thank you from the bottom of my heart!! you have ran a great site hate to see it go. I have appreciated yout work over the years. TY good luck in what ever you do next!!

  18. bash says:

    thanks scorp for everything mate really loved this site and chatting with u here as well! gonna miss it

  19. Joanne says:

    Oh, that’s too bad. πŸ™

  20. ERO says:

    Thank you for your hard work all these years & over a decade. πŸ™‚

  21. Dave says:

    Why is it that you don’t accept direct donations again? Realistically speaking, constantly creating a new email ID to buy an account to directly support the site is not feasible at all. Honestly, folks here are more than willing to directly fund the site instead. GoFundMe, Patreon etc.

    • scOrp says:

      accepting donations like that is not safe, at least not for the benefactor
      Renewing would have done if using new email was an issue .
      but even that wasn’t happening.

      • Dave says:

        Sigh. I guess this is it then, was looking forward to the Endgame release. You are without a doubt the best encoder in the game. Thank you for your hardwork. I love you 3000.

      • Dracos66 says:

        I have done both Renew and new account on RG to help, so if your not getting the commissions from it I would contact RG and find out why. That being said, if you can access my email from the response please contact me with the subject line “sc0rpian” from the admin email. I may be able to help with the hosting fees to keep the site alive a bit longer and we may be able to discuss ways to take “donations” indirectly so it does not trace back to you.

        I’ve been “online” since the DARPA days so I know a few “tricks of the trade”. πŸ˜‰

        • scOrp says:

          you have always been helpful Dracos66 , and i am so thankful for the kindness .
          the thing is too few , rather one in a 1000 is buying accounts now a days ( at least from our link ) and more than 50% of them go poof in thin air owing to the crap by file hosts.
          will definitely get in touch πŸ˜€

  22. david says:

    thanks for everything
    i hope everything is going well for u and site.

    • scOrp says:

      no , if everything was going well , why would I shut the encoding and may be ultimately the site.
      after a few weeks when the hosting renewal is up , the site will be closed as well.

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