Friends : This is getting difficult now :(

Guys , sale of accounts has practically dried now.
I dont think its gonna be possible to continue like this coz the balance is 0 now for the first time in last 10 years πŸ™
We tried our of our skins in last 2 months to upload huge amount of stuff but seems like thats not enough and we cant do anything else.
If you guys are not gonna chip in now, running operations will be impossible.

If you guys feel we have helped you in landing good small sized rips and saved your bandwidth and time , then do chip in


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20 Responses to Friends : This is getting difficult now :(

  1. asbo says:

    Add the option to donate via cryptocurrency.

  2. Atila says:

    2 Things you can do to bring back profits.
    Start a site like the old manynamedsite/ which used google drive to host movies so it was like streaming movies from youtube which was really cool. Secondly accept cryptocurrency payments. And always keep providing the IMDB ratings for the movies. If you do this i’m sure you’ll see a significant increase in $ generated

  3. zoltan says:

    add bollywood or other foreign movies as choice:

  4. Hugy says:

    If getting to the actual link wasn’t such a hassle, I would donate, but this convoluted way to get a link isn’t worth it.

    • scOrp says:

      no need to help out dude, keep downloading as it is, its free ,
      but before commenting understand one thing , THAT CONVOLUTED WAY is the way by which links are being preceded so that they don’t die quickly .
      If for something thats being served free , you cant follow a couple of steps then your choice .

  5. gbnz says:

    Hi Scorp, I’ve been using the RPNET for years. If this option is’nt working for you, lemme know and i’ll buy a UL or RG account.

    • scOrp says:

      we dont get any cut from rpnet , its just we time and again support them as friends .
      we are able to earn some bucks only by the sales of UL and RG , NOTHING at all from RPNET

  6. 5hm00 says:

    I also would like to donate you something. But I don’t want to purchase an account for uloaded or rapigator.
    Maybe you find another option here?

    • scOrp says:

      OPTIONS : thats the biggest mystery , which we havent been able to solve in these last 10, 11 years really πŸ™ , lets see what other esteemed memebers come up with

  7. bash says:

    HEy scorp why not start a patreon group where people can donate

  8. parsleybrain says:

    As you know I purchase premium accounts through your referal links for years now. Sadly it looks like Rapidgator doesn’t always pay your cuts. My current account is still valid for another three month. I think the best way is to find other means to donate.

    • scOrp says:

      i am all game TBH , but someone smarter has to come up with a brilliant idea for this

      • Dracos66 says:

        I have an idea that is 100% legal so it can be done on Patreon and/or Kickstarter, but it depends on whether you are ripping and re-encoding(shrinking)movies or just re-encoding other release rips. The best option for my idea is if you do (or know how to do) the previous option.

        • scOrp says:

          well as a long time user i believe you know what we do , all the rips are re encodes of the scene releases or best availble p2p ones if they are WEBRIP or WEBDL or HC-HDrips, but then the scene releases are also someone’s rips ( and so are the p2p , webdl , and webrips) unless you are asking if we are procuring the BR discs before they hit the mkt and rip them πŸ˜‰ then then the answer is NO , we are basically shrinkers ,

          we use apps with specific algorithms to reduce the size of a video by losing details which otherwise are not perceptible πŸ™‚

  9. jay says:

    can we donate money i personally purchased a upload account thru your link. it sucks others dont chip in!! SUCKS BALLZ!!!!

  10. Simon says:

    Renewed my uploaded with the link this morning.
    itΒ΄s sad if we have to say goodbye to 300mbunited =(

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