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I was trying to dig out some of my older rips which got lost due to various unfortunate incidents..
got hold of a few so started reuploading them and making fresh posts.
They are not exactly near today’s rips , but people who have been with scOrp and UNiTED must be knowing what a rage those were at the time i encoded them..
The size vs quality ratio was just wonderful for those limited speed and bandwidth days
I thoroughly enjoyed re encoding them , kinna nostalgic really just to see the size of them 😉
As the bandwidth , internet speeds and TV screens got bigger and bigger , the bitrates also rose and encoding settings became more harder and slower 🙂

Will try and dig more of them and share with you all.

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Take care
Eat well ( fresh and natural ), sleep well ( for 8 hours daily and during the night) and be active ( follow WHO’s guidelines to maintain your health)

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21 Responses to Do add comments , support us by buying accounts , keep us interested to entertain you guys :D

  1. Phil says:

    30 day A/C just taken out.
    hope this helps

  2. Alita says:

    Can you upload Alita? TY

  3. Ganesh says:

    Thanks for re-uploading Avengers. really enjoyed your encode of it. Is it possible to upload Age of Ultron

  4. Dedale says:

    Thank you !

  5. parsleybrain says:

    Hi scOrp, I renewed my 6 month rapidgator account (which was created using your referral link) two days ago. Did you get anything out of it?

  6. SilverDragon says:

    Have to say thanks for re-upping some of the older rips I missed and say thanks for the many, many movies I’ve gotten from you in the past and present. I’ll keep creating new email address’s to keep giving you the most commission I can. I’m also very happy that your health continues to improve, keep fighting the good fight and you will win!!!

  7. msaa says:

    My internet speed back then was 1Mbps, your rips became my 1st choice. Now the speed is getting better at my place & I downloaded bigger size for better quality. I would like to thank you for your hardwork & service all these years

  8. parsleybrain says:

    You seem doing well lately. Has it already become habit the new healthy lifestyle or do you still need to remind yourself not to fall back into old ways?

    • scOrp says:

      well its human tendency actually to fall back to old ( read – bad ) ways, I am no exception
      but i have made it a point to walk daily, to eat healthy, and remain focused, stress and stuff cant be avoided really.
      going to bed early is a bit of a challenge which i am yet to set right but getting there.

      I seldom watch movies and shows these days whereas i was a bing watcher till a year back.
      Just watch something that really appeals hence i am getting a lot more time for myself ….

      But seriously my sincere suggestion to all you good guyz and gals out there , never take health for granted , just be wise with what you eat and walk for about an hour daily….

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